Naomi Campbell reveals her biopic ambition

Naomi Campbell has revealed her hopes for a biopic credit:Bang Showbiz
Naomi Campbell has revealed her hopes for a biopic credit:Bang Showbiz

Naomi Campbell wants "someone from south London" to play her in a biopic.

The 52-year-old model would love for someone to make a biopic about her life, and Naomi would prefer an "unknown" actress to play her in the film.

Naomi - who was born in the UK capital - told the Daily Mail newspaper: "I would like it to be someone, who is unknown and preferably someone from south London."

The catwalk star has experienced plenty of ups and downs in her life, including battling drug addiction and alcohol addiction.

And now, Naomi is determined to support the stars of the future.

She said: "I've had my success, and I want to see the success of the next generation."

In 2021, meanwhile, Naomi pledged to do everything she can to "uplift the next generation".

The model was named as a global ambassador for the Commonwealth Trust and Naomi promised to help to "create a better future" for young people.

She explained: "This is something very close to my heart, and I will continue to do everything I can to uplift the next generation, so they can create a better future for their communities."

Naomi - who began her modelling career as a teenager - admitted to feeling honoured after being handed the role.

She said: "Regardless of where you are from or where you are now, there are young leaders within your community doing amazing work. Sometimes they are not seen and some of them may not even see themselves as ‘leaders’ yet, but they all deserve our support, and access to education and resources."