Naomi Campbell slips on full hazmat suit again to take another flight amid coronavirus pandemic

The supermodel insisted it was "safety first" to avoid infection while travelling (Getty Images)
The supermodel insisted it was "safety first" to avoid infection while travelling (Getty Images)

Back in March, she was a frontrunner in taking steps to don equipment to protect herself from coronavirus while travelling.

Now, Naomi Campbell has slipped her full hazmat suit and face mask back on, with the addition of a face shield and goggles, for a flight this week.

The supermodel, 49, shared a selfie with her 9.1m followers on Instagram showing her sat in an airplane seat having taken every possible precaution to avoid infection.

Captioning the snap, she wrote: “On the move...”

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Her followers left more than 220,000 ‘likes’ as they praised her steps to stay safe.

One person wrote: “That’s how you roll anyway!!”

Another commented: “Stay safe queen.”

A third shared: “Safe travels.”

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And a fourth added: “Corona but make it fashion.”

However, many were still baffled as to why she was travelling despite having urged them to stay home.

It comes after Naomi previously shared a series of pictures on Instagram of her wearing a similar get-up to fly in the early days of the pandemic.

The star explained: “Safety First NEXT LEVEL.”

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At the time Naomi revealed she had purchased the equipment on Amazon six weeks previously in late January.

Even before the current pandemic, she took steps to ensure she didn’t become unwell after travelling by plane.

Last June, she shocked fans with an Instagram post detailing how she had used Dettol wipes, cleaning gloves, a face mask and her own seat cover to avoid germs on a Qatar Airways flight.

The star released a video earlier this year explaining why she was taking extra protective steps during the coronavirus.

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Revealing she was about to take a flight from Los Angeles to New York, Naomi said: “I’m not going to lie to you and say I’m not nervous to take this flight but I am. The coronavirus is real, it is serious.”

It goes on to show her wearing a hazmat suit and gloves.

She added: “We’re all in the same boat. We are to learn something from this, we absolutely are.”

Fans were impressed by the steps she was taking.

One person suggested: “Naomi for world president. Petition starts here!”

Another noted: “I’ve known Naomi for over 25 years. And she always been incredibly knowledgeable about health.

“She’s in contact with with world leaders tech innovators and billionaires. I am listening and taking every precaution and suggest you do too and act accordingly.”

A third quipped: “The coronavirus is scared of you Naomi tbh!”