Nando's Fans Are PUMPED About The Latest Sauce Drop

Ever since Nando's released its famous sauces into supermarkets and shops, we've been keeping our beady eyes peeled for new flavours.

This week, joining the Peri-Peri sauce collection is a brand new flavour, Peri-BBQ!

Just in time for any optimistic BBQs this bank holiday weekend, Nando's promises the new sauce will be sweet and smoky with hints of garlic. It comes in a handy squeezy bottle perfect for drizzling on hot dogs, chicken wings or whatever you're grilling.

We wager it would also make an excellent glaze for that BBQ char, too!

nandos peri bbq sauce

Fans of a milder sauce will love this one, as the bottle says it'll have a mild spicy flavour, rather than one that'll blow your head off (that's what the VUSA XX HOT is for...).

The sauce is available right this minute at Tesco, Morrisons and Iceland for £2.50.

There are LOADS of other sauce flavours from Nando's available in shops too, from mega spicy down to lemon and herb.

There's the OG Peri Peri, Medium, Hot, EXTRA Hot, Garlic, Lemon & Herb and the famous Perinaise that's brilliant on just about everything, but absolutely delicious on chips.

Of course, that's not the only way to enjoy Peri Peri flavours. We've got a stellar Peri Peri Chicken recipe that you're going to love, and it's WAY easier than you'd think (plus it'll save you cash on all those Nando's orders...).