In-N-Out Is Prince Harry's Favorite Fast Food Joint. Here's What He Orders

Prince Harry smiles in blue blazer
Prince Harry smiles in blue blazer - Joshua Sammer/Getty Images

Following the lives of royalty is a favored pastime of many -- from the clothes they wear, how they spend their days, where they travel to, and of course, what they eat. In the context of the latter, it's easy to imagine that they eat rich gourmet meals every time they dine. However, you'll be surprised to know that Princess Diana's favorite meal was oddly normal. And as for her younger son, Prince Harry? He too has rather plebeian tastes. Much like most of the public, he favors the burgers at the popular fast food joint In-N-Out.

We know that when Prince Harry was gearing up to marry Meghan Markle, he followed a strict diet and exercise plan before the royal wedding. However, post-marital bliss and his move to America, leaving his home country behind, his tastes seem to have changed. He sidestepped the great pizza debate by eating both deep-dish and thin-crust in Chicago, and as he admitted in an interview, he also loves In-N-Out burgers, specifically the chain's double-double -- animal style.

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In-N-Out Knows Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Order

In-N-Out Double Double Cheeseburger Animal Style
In-N-Out Double Double Cheeseburger Animal Style - ShengYing Lin/Shutterstock

In a tell-all interview, Markle shared insight into the couple's eating habits. Apart from revealing that she makes breakfast at home, she also pointed out that they often have long commutes between their home and Los Angeles for meetings, as they live a couple of hours outside the city. Chocolate chip cookies are their go-to snacks for these long drives, but they also like stopping at an In-N-Out located midway. "My husband's favorite is In-N-Out... It's really fun to go through the drive-thru and surprise them. They know our order," she said while speaking to Variety.

Later, Prince Harry spoke of what he likes to order, telling People, "In-N-Out is the best! I order two double-doubles, animal style, fries[,] and a Coke! And that's just for me! Meg gets the cheeseburger and fries with sides of jalapeños. I just stick with ketchup and that special sauce of theirs. So good!"

A Breakdown Of Prince Harry's Favorite Order At In-N-Out

Cheeseburger meal at In-N-Out
Cheeseburger meal at In-N-Out - ShengYing Lin/Shutterstock

For those who are new to In-N-Out speak, the "Double-Double" Prince Harry refers to as his favorite is a cheeseburger with two beef patties that are interspersed with two slices of American cheese. This is rounded off with vegetables like lettuce, tomato, onions, and the brand's original spread which is a sort of ketchup-mayo similar to Thousand Island dressing. It all comes together on a delicious proprietary bun, which is freshly baked with slow-rising sponge dough. When Prince Harry follows that up by saying "animal style", that means extra sauce has been added to the ingredients in the bun along with pickles and grilled onions.

While Prince Harry is quite vocal about his preference, perhaps his choice doesn't quite match yours. This is why we've done an intensive ranking of In-N-Out burger styles from which you can take your pick.

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