In-N-Out Is Bringing Its Burgers to a New State for the First Time

The popular burger chain is expanding yet again!

<p>AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images</p>

AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

In-N-Out is a beloved burger chain on the West Coast known for its secret menu items and cult status. Once only a fast-food joint for those living in places like California and Arizona, In-N-Out has since been working on opening new locations in the Tennessee area and New Mexico for the first time.

Now, the popular burger joint that used to be a stickler on expanding outside its origins, can add yet another state to its growing list.

In-N-Out Is Coming to Washington State for the First Time

In-N-Out recently revealed it will soon expand to Washington State for the first time. The restaurant is slated to be located in the Ridgefield area around Union Ridge Town Center.

The company is only in the proposal stages for this new location, but we hear customers can expect a spacious venue with a drive-thru and a covered patio once construction begins.



There is also talk that this new location will look a bit different from the original in terms of its colors. While In-N-Out is typically decked out in white, red, and yellow, this new space will feature darker shades and local building materials that are more specific to the area.

There are no details yet on when construction will begin in Ridgefield or when the restaurant plans to open, but that’s not stopping fans from talking about it online.

Instagram user whosagoodlizard recently posted about the upcoming location with the caption, “In-N-Out is coming to Washington! For the first time!” Commenters quickly added to the excitement by saying, “YAY!!!!!!” Another fan commented on how "lucky" Washington State is for getting a location: “Moved back to MI and of course no In & Out.”

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