Mysterious Australian Company Show Off Flying Machine Called CopterPack

A company have shown off a drone-like flying vehicle they call CopterPack.

The Australian outfit showed a pilot able to take off from a standing position and hover in a controlled manner above a beach. So far, the company are keeping stats secret on flying speed and height, as well as cost for a production model.

A representative named Matt told "Early last year I came up with the idea to build a backpack helicopter and experience a very unique kind of flight. The aircraft utilises a self-levelling autopilot with two ducted fans for propulsion and the lightweight airframe is constructed from carbon fibre honeycomb.

"The cool thing about this aircraft is that your body becomes a part of the aircraft, and the custom autopilot makes it easy to control similar to a drone.

"The aircraft is currently in the early trial stage of development. The next step for CopterPack is to develop and test a version of the aircraft that has mechanical and electronic redundancy."

Matt also explained how to pilot the vehicle: "There is a throttle lever for the right hand and a 3-axis joystick for the left hand. The aircraft moves in the direction that you tilt the joystick. If the pilot lets go of the joystick, the autopilot will level the aircraft."