Myleene Klass praises fiancé for having vasectomy to 'give her body a break' after birth and four miscarriages

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Myleene Klass has three children. (Getty Images)

Myleene Klass has praised her fiancé for undergoing a vasectomy after the mum-of-three experienced four miscarriages, which "took a toll on her body".

The radio presenter, 44, initially revealed that her fiancé, Simon Motson, 47, had undergone the procedure via her Instagram stories, but having been inundated with messages she also shared a video clip to her feed alongside a powerful message of support for her partner.

The video featured Motson walking somewhat gingerly out of what appears to be a clinic door alongside the caption: "Guess what I got for Christmas?"

In the accompanying caption Klass acknowledged her respect for her partner who underwent the procedure to "give her body a break" following the four miscarriages she experienced before welcoming her youngest child, a son, Apollo in 2019.

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"My stories have blown up so putting this here for the menfolk to see that it’s empowering not emasculating to do this for your partner and we respect you all the more for it," she wrote.

"The drugs I took to keep our son after losing four babies and the toll it took on my body followed by further birth control, it’s such a lot. It can’t all be on the woman."

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Simon Motson and Myleene Klass pictured on the red carpet at an event in 2018. (Getty Images)
Myleene Klass has praised her partner Simon Motson for undergoing a vasectomy procedure to 'give her body a break' following her four miscarriages. (Getty Images)

The classically trained musician went on to reveal her partner's motivation for having the vasectomy.

"In Sim’s words, ‘You’ve done your bit’ now it’s my turn’," she wrote.

Klass also opened up about her mixed emotions before her partner had the procedure.

"Before he went in, I cried as it felt ‘final’ (it’s actually reversible) and then I felt admiration and like I’m in a real, grown up partnership," she explained.

"Love and respect him so much. Not all hero’s wear capes. Some wear a dressing and really tight pants for two days," she concluded her post.

After sharing the family's story on social media, fans inundated the comments section of her post praising her for being so open and helping to normalise the idea that family planning can and should be the responsibility of both partners.

"What a great guy he is, and absolutely right that the responsibility is shared!" actor Charlie Condou wrote.

"Respect to awareness and transparency," another added.

"Agree, it’s a great demonstration of the duality of a relationship," yet another user commented.

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Others shared their own stories of them or their partners undergoing the procedure.

"I did it after our 2nd," one man wrote. "Having witnessed 2 births and the subsequent pain and suffering my wife went through to give us our boys, it wasn’t even a question. My minor suffering was insignificant in comparison."

"My husband was exactly the same," another agreed. "I carried, birthed and fed our babies 3 times over so a minor procedure and weekend of discomfort was the least he could do to ensure we didn’t play Russian roulette each month and so that we both didn’t have to worry about protection, essentially when I didn’t want to go back on any hormonal birth control."

"My husband did this for me after I nearly died during childbirth having my youngest," yet another user commented. "He didn’t want to chance ever losing me xx I adore him for this xx"

Simon Motson and Myleene Klass pictured arriving at the gala performance of Cirque De Soleil in January 2020. (Getty Images)
The couple share a son, Apollo, who was born in 2019 and have opened up about their family planning choices. (Getty Images)

Myleene also has two daughters, Ava, 14, and Hero, 11 who she shares with ex-husband Graham Quinn.

She has previously opened up about experiencing four miscarriages, explaining that she is actually a "mama to seven babies", including "four little stars in the sky".

She spoke movingly on Instagram about her miscarriages, which led to her making a new documentary, Myleene: Miscarriage and Me, and admits that filming "wasn't easy" and looking back at her diaries of the time showed "a spiral of absolute terror".

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She also shared her heartbreak of miscarrying live on air when she was presenting a show on Smooth Radio. With nobody to take over, her friend Lauren Laverne had to talk her through each link until it was over.

“I was on air. I went to the loo while the music was playing and there was blood everywhere and I didn’t know what to do – I had one hour left of my show,” she said.

“I rang Lauren Laverne and she said: ‘Do one link, take a breath, come out and call me.’ She got me through. I did the next link and called her. We counted the links.”

Klass added: “I would go out, sob and come back in, take a deep breath and speak. I don’t know what else I would have done. I was on air.”