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My dog stinks — this $30 air filter and aromatherapy diffuser nixes his funky scent, and it's 50% off

You can sweep, vacuum and mop over and over again, but a dog's scent is their mark on the world, and it's going to linger wherever they live. The way I see it, you can either lean into that "rugged," pungent, earthy dog scent, or you can fight it every step of the way. I reside firmly in the latter camp.

The best weapon I've found so far in my battle against doggie B.O.? A table-top HEPA air purifier from Aroeve that also happens to be an essential oil diffuser. My pooch, an over-achiever in the "smelling terrible even post-bath" department, has met his match.

In the battle against stale dog odor, victory is mine. This HEPA air purifier cleans the air while its internal aromatherapy diffuser freshens it.

$30 at Amazon

First of all, it's a two-in-one thing. You could buy an air purifier to filter dog hair and dander — and that would certainly help — but tacking on any sort of fragrance enhancer is going to run you at least a few bucks more. (If you want an essential oil diffuser in the mix, plan to spend at least $15.) Second, it's on sale for 50% off, and we've never seen the price drop lower. If there was ever a time to add to your home's anti-stink and anti-allergen arsenal, it's now.

Yes, I'm focusing on my stinky dog, but there are numerous reasons why you should get a good air purifier. The truth is, the air inside our homes harbors a lot of gross stuff we need to address.

Indoor air can hold levels of certain pollutants that are up to five times higher than outdoors. A good air purifier can help neutralize some of those pollutants and the risks they pose to your health. It can filter dust and help clean the air of germs and viruses, mold, smoke and more. This little number not only cleans and purifies the air, but it also has an aroma pad that holds four to five drops of your favorite essential oils to circulate fresh fragrances throughout the room. If you're dealing with a smoky home, a room that smells like your sick housemate or — yes — a farting Fido, this filter will clean the air of nano-nasties and release lovely scents of your choosing.

There are loads of air filters to choose from, but this Amazon favorite is small enough to fit on your desktop or nightstand to purify the air right where you work or sleep — gently blowing cool, clean air right at ya. Plus, it's quiet — it even has a sleep mode, which produces a soothing, ambient white noise while it works hard to filter the air. An air filter, essential oil diffuser and white noise machine all in one? Now that's just dreamy.

Aroeve HEPA Air Purifier with Aromatherapy on a gray background
Unassuming air purifier — or pet-odor kryptonite?

I feel pretty proud to be in the company of over 5,500 five-star fans who own an air filter with a 4.5-star Amazon rating.

"Listen, if you're a dog parent and you need something to help lighten the smell or air in your home, definitely get this," said one refreshed reviewer. "I wasn't expecting much … but I'm honestly shocked. I have two dogs, a Great Pyrenees and a chihuahua. … My room has never felt so fresh and airy. … It's really lightweight and easy to use. You can even add essential oils which is definitely a plus. I will be buying more of these for other areas in my home."

Another customer called it a "miracle worker," saying: "My dog got sick. … I used a carpet cleaner and while it helped clean the mess up, the smell left over was simply awful. I tried carpet powders, odor sprays, etc. Nothing seemed to work. After my friend suggested trying an air purifier, I found this one and decided to go for it. It was delivered this morning and I had it running while I went to work. I got home and oh. my. God. The smell is almost completely gone! I couldn't be happier!"

Cat owners are happy with this device too: "For the price, this is well worth it for a smaller room!" said one feline parent. "I put it in my cat's room and it really took down the smell from the litter box! No matter how clean the box is, there is always a smell, this thing helps a lot!"

While many shoppers were happy with the performance of this little device, some wished it worked in larger spaces, while others were disappointed at how often they needed to replace the filters.

"Works well but needing to replace filters faster than I'd like," said one such shopper. "I run it 24 hours a day in the dogs' kennel room, and it for sure made a difference initially, but it is already wearing off quickly."

"Giving it four stars because I think this is too small for my bedroom," said another reviewer. "May work better in a small home office [or a] laundry room."

Need a long-lasting essential oil to go with your air purifier? This one gets over 85,000 five-star reviews.

Lavender oil has a clean, calming scent, and this highly rated aromatherapy blend is praised for a subtle fragrance that smells like a "field of lavender."

"The fragrance is heavenly, not too strong, not too subtle, just perfect," wrote one reviewer. "I pop a few drops in my diffuser, and the entire room smells amazing. It's like a spa day without leaving home!"

$6 at Amazon

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