This Must-Watch Netflix Docuseries About the World’s Richest Dog Features Cults, Conspiracies and One Loaded Pup

It’s always baffling to us when we learn about pets and their massive net worths. For example, Taylor Swift’s cat is worth $97 million. Wild. So, imagine our continued surprise when we saw Netflix release the official trailer for their new documentary, Gunther’s Millions, which centers around the world’s richest dog.

Meet Gunther VI, a German shepherd and heir to his owner’s multi-million dollar fortune. The dog (who is now worth $400 million) was once owned by a very wealthy countess. And when she passed away, she gave all of her wealth to her pet.

The trailer starts with Gunther living a lavish lifestyle, from eating gourmet dog meals to residing in a beautiful mansion. At one point, we learn that the dog owns several properties overseas and a yacht. Oh, and did we mention that he has twenty-seven employees working for him?


From the outside looking in, Gunther seems to have a perfect life. But, what seems like an absolute dream to anyone (especially a dog) soon turns into a controversial whirlwind filled with deceit, fraud and…a cult?!

Through several interviews and exclusive clips, viewers have a chance to learn the truth behind the people hired to be with Gunther, the alleged social experiment and the conspiracy theory that there might be not one, but two Gunthers in existence.


Gunther’s Millions premiered on the streaming service on February 1.

Well, we know what we’re watching tonight.

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