Music artists have it tough, says Saweetie

Saweetie insists her life isn't all glamour credit:Bang Showbiz
Saweetie insists her life isn't all glamour credit:Bang Showbiz

Saweetie thinks musicians have it "tough".

The 28-year-old rap star acknowledges that her life and career look to be "glamorous" from the outside - but she insists that "a lot of difficult things" happen behind the scenes.

The 'My Type' hitmaker explained: "I just feel like as artists, you know, we have it tough. I feel like we have all the spotlight on us and people think that it's glamorous when in all actuality there are a lot of difficult things that happen behind the scenes."

Saweetie - whose real name is Diamonte Harper - thinks it's important she surrounds herself with a supportive team who have her best interests at heart.

She told People: "Hopefully you have a great team. Hopefully the creatives that you're working with, aren't overcharging you ... It's like everyone who's around: You have to pay for this. You have to pay [for that] ..."

Saweetie has enjoyed a meteoric rise over recent years. But she actually looks back on the early days of her career with fondness.

The chart-topping star - who studied at the University of Southern California before she switched her focus to music - shared: "I miss college Saweetie, and me meeting other creatives. I just wanted to make something else. Now everyone wants to charge for every second and it kind of just takes the art out of it."

Despite this, Saweetie feels she's learned from some of her past mistakes.

Asked what advice she'd give to her younger self, she replied: "Take your time. And don't [jump] at the first opportunity.

"I felt like those tough lessons definitely made me a wiser woman, but I think I would've just taken my time ... Who [you] surround yourself really, really affects the trajectory of your career."