Mum’s Hilarious Post About Why She Deserves A Glass Of Wine Is Winning The Internet


A parenting blogger’s post about why she deserves a glass of wine is breaking the Internet [Photo: Giphy]

As many a frazzled parent will testify, after a day of chaos fun and tears laughter, when you finally manage to get the little tikes darlings to bed, you’ll be looking to relax and unwind with a nice glass of wine cup of green tea.

Sound familiar? Well, one parenting blogger has won the praise of the Internet after writing an all too relatable post about her need to substitute wine for her usual green tea after a particularly challenging day looking after the kids.

Gill Sims, mum of two and writer of the parenting blog Peter and Jane, penned the post after being driven to distraction by a day that would test even the most together of parents.

“Tonight, in a change to the scheduled performance, in which Mummy drank green tea and was serene and booze free, instead Mummy is getting s**tfaced on Pink Sunshine Wine,” she wrote on Thursday.


Gill uploaded this picture of her wine glass along with a post detailing her day from hell [Photo: Facebook/Peter and Jane]

It all started with a morning at the doctors. Gill’s child had complained of a sore back for over a week due to a “handstand induced incident”, and was refusing to believe mum’s diagnosis of “there’s nothing wrong with you”, demanding a second opinion from the doctor.

“The doctor agreed with Mummy, which was only a small plus point because Mummy still looked like a neurotic twat anyway for taking her perfectly healthy and uninjured child to the doctor,” Gill wrote.

When they got home, the overworked mum changed the beds, did the washing, drying and putting away of the laundry, before a frustrating trip with the kids to Waitrose, which any parent will relate to.

Gill went on to detail her frazzled day - from changing the beds to washing, drying and putting away six loads of laundry, before enduring a frustrating trip with the kids to Waitrose, which most parents will relate to.


Gill’s post has been shared 55K times by other frazzled parents [Photo: Rex Features]

“Mummy also cut the grass, both front and back, with the big, scary, petrol mower… and realised after she had finished cutting the front lawn that she hadn’t seen the Boy Child in a while,” she continued.

“He was eventually discovered playing in a neighbour’s garden, having not bothered to tell Mummy he was f*cking off, and due to the presence of wholesome witnesses, Mummy gave him a gentle lecture about how Mummy had been very worried because she loves him very much and he must tell Mummy before he ever leaves the garden, instead of howling ‘Where the f*ck have you been, you little bastard, don’t you dare ever do that again!”

Think we’d all agree it sounds like a pretty stressful day, but Gill’s day from hell wasn’t over yet.

The mum-of-two went on to explain how she took her children off to a village barbecue, where they ate sausages “that probably gave them food poisoning”, before making them a second dinner back at home because they were “still hungry.”

If you’re currently nodding in frustrated familiarity, you’ll likely also relate to what happened next. As well as making the kids dinner part two, Gill also had to cook for her husband when he got home from work, because he and the kids can’t agree on what they like for dinner. After sorting “eleventy billion” recycling bins and taking them to the street, Gill was eventually about to think about sitting down, emphasis on the ‘think’ here, when her husband arrived home and made a throwaway comment asking if “Mummy had a nice, relaxing day sitting in the sunshine?”

Cue Gill reaching for the wine.

Parents could relate to Gill’s difficult day [Photo: Giphy]

“So Mummy is actually drinking wine as a safety precaution, because at least if she is pissed and Daddy tries to make any more “witty” remarks, she will probably miss when she tries to stab him,” she concluded. “And so Mummy won’t spend the rest of her life in jail and the children won’t end up in a SadFace article in the Daily Mail.”

Since sharing Gill’s post has had 149K likes and been shared more than 55K times by parents for whom the post touched an all too familiar nerve.

“I wish Facebook would let me do sad and funny at the same time. You have my deepest sympathy. I sometimes wonder how my beloveds make it through 24 hours still alive..” one woman wrote.

“It made me laugh and think thank f*** it’s not just me that has these thoughts but never verbalises them unless pushed to the absolute limit,” another added.

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