Mum-to-be turns to Internet for sympathy after her baby shower invite was shunned, doesn't get the response she expected

The Internet has reacted angrily to the whole concept of baby showers [Photo: Getty]
The Internet has reacted angrily to the whole concept of baby showers [Photo: Getty]

A mum-to-be who took to the Internet in search of comfort and support after many of her friends turned down an invite to her baby shower, actually didn’t get the response she might have expected.

Taking to parenting site Mumsnet the pregnant woman asked if she was right to be upset that hardly any of her friends and family would be attending the event.

“My sister kindly offered to throw me a baby shower at the end of Jan. I gave her a list of people to invite in early Dec,” she wrote.

“Now bearing in mind people had notice and I only have a couple of friends with children, AIBU (Am I Being Unreasonable) to be feeling very unpopular that hardly anyone is coming? I just feel like calling it off but I know my sister will have put effort in, but it’s really upset me,” she continued.

But instead of offering sympathy towards her predicament, many readers responded to say they too hated the tradition of holding a pre-birth party with some describing he events as “tacky”, “grabby” and “ridiculous.”

It seems some people aren't fans of the whole baby shower thing [Photo: Getty]
It seems some people aren’t fans of the whole baby shower thing [Photo: Getty]

“Baby showers are tacky and grabby,” wrote one woman. “You’re basically demanding people give you/your baby gifts. You should be grateful that anybody has actually said they’d come – I definitely would decline a baby shower.”

“I have to admit I would be “busy” if invited to a baby shower as they really aren’t my cup of tea!” added another.

“I agree they’re ridiculous and grabby. Never been to one and hope I never do. Didn’t have one myself,” another woman commented.

Other users tried to point out to the original poster that they didn’t think people were objecting to spending time with her, but the idea of baby showers in general.

“OP (Original Poster) this isn’t about you- it’s about the fact that many many people don’t like the idea of baby showers in the UK,” one poster explained.

“They are seen as tacky and grabby, and I wouldn’t go to one. An American idea that has been a bit of a damp squib this side of the Atlantic.”

But while the overwhelming majority weren’t fans of baby showers, a few posters held a more positive view of the pre-birth events.

“I think a get together to celebrate a woman becoming a mother is a lovely idea,” one user wrote. “No idea why the hatred of them is so strong. I had one and no gifts involved! I told people just to come drink and eat with me, we all had a lovely catch up before I vanished into the land of newborn baby madness.”

“I think it’s horrible if people would deliberately not go to the event of their friend – just go and celebrate something that is important to your friend. They don’t have to be grabby, they are about a last chance get together before the baby comes,” another added.

And though one woman hadn’t been to one before she couldn’t understand why so many people were so against them.

“I don’t understand why people who would be quite happy to have a social get together with friends suddenly find it off putting when it has a specific purpose such as hen night or baby shower,” she wrote.

“Sit in a room with friends, chat and eat nice food. Why would that be so awful?”

Not everyone is against the idea of throwing a baby shower [Photo: Getty]
Not everyone is against the idea of throwing a baby shower [Photo: Getty]

In the end the original poster returned to the forum to say that hearing how so many people were just against the idea of baby showers in general had made her feel better about the situation.

“Thanks to everyone for your opinions,” she wrote. “I’m going to go ahead as those who are coming are looking forward to a get together and as my mum pointed out, I only have so many chairs in my house so in fact the perfect number are coming!”

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