Mum praises 'chivalrous' young boy who saved daughter after period leak

One mother praised a young boy on social media after he helped her daughter on the school bus [Photo: Getty]

An anonymous mother wrote a candid social media post praising a young boy for helping her daughter after she unknowingly started her period on the school bus.

The US woman shared the now-deleted message on Facebook page ‘Gurgaon Moms’ and thanked the pupil’s parents for “raising him right”.

She took to the social media platform to write [sic], “My daughter started her period on the bus ride home today and a boy a year older than her… that she doesn’t really know… pulled her aside and whispered in her ear that she had a stain on the back of her pants.”

The mother then went on to explain that the young boy offered her daughter his jumper so that she could tie it around her waist when walking home from the bus stop.

She added: “If you are this boy’s mum… I want to say thank you and that you are raising him right!”

The mother took to Facebook to praise the young boy for his quick thinking [Photo: Imgur]

The post soon went viral and has since been shared via Reddit where users praised the young boy for his actions.

One wrote, “Very chivalrous of the boy. Good on him!”

A second commented: “Moreover how impressive that he thought to even do this. When I was in middle school if I saw this I’d probably never put two and two together or think to help this girl out.”

While another highlighted that we have come a long way in combatting the hush-hush attitude around periods, as they wrote: “This is why it is important to also teach young boys about menstruation.”

“Growing up, periods were treated as a taboo subject that no boy should ever hear about and I doubt I knew anything about them.”

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