Mum Pulls Amazing Yoga Poses While Breastfeeding Her Newborn Baby

This yoga loving mum is able to pull some amazing poses while breastfeeding her newborn [Photo: Instagram/carleebyoga]

For many mums-to-be pregnancy yoga is a gentle way to exercise and get in some precious bonding time with your baby. And many mums carry on the practice post-birth taking their little ones to mama and bubba yoga. But one mum has been busy sending Instagram into meltdown by posting mindblowing pictures of her intricate yoga poses while simultaneously breastfeeding her new baby.

Carlee Benear, 29, from Texas, who is mum to Milam, five, Cale, two, and Maramaylee, five weeks, first developed a love of yoga after gaining weight during her first and second pregnancies. So when her third baby arrived, she was keen to get straight back on the yoga mat, with her newborn bubba in tow.

Multi-tasking mama! [Photo: Instagram/carleebyoga]

Taking to her Instagram account to share gravity-defying poses with her tiny baby latched to her breast, Carlee’s followers have been quick to express their awe at the mum’s multi-tasking abilities.

“Wow, how!? latch first and feet up?,” one follower wrote.

“Great photo! So beautiful #normalizebreastfeeding,” added another.

Gives new meaning to breastfeeding in public [Photo: Instagram/carleebyoga]

The new mum believes that combining yoga and breastfeeding has help strengthen the bond she has with Maramaylee.

“I flourished in my yoga practice throughout my entire pregnancy,” Carlee explained to The Huffington Post UK.

“Once my daughter was born, we were inseparable. After a few weeks of staring at her every move I felt the urge to get back on my mat and step back into my practice with this fresh new joy surrounding me.”

“Breastfeeding and caring for a newborn are a full-time job on their own. So, gradually I took her on the mat with me.”

“Once we started feeding and flowing, a spark ignited. We were connected again in harmony.”

Seriously impressive! [Photo: Instagram/carleebyoga]

And the multi-tasking mum is keen to stress that despite her complicated poses she never puts her daughter at risk.

“That’s the funny thing about some poses,” she explained. “It may look impossible to the untrained eye especially, until you discover how it’s done and what your own body is capable of.”

“I used to be very clumsy, yoga changed that. Yoga helped me understand gravity and the grace that comes along with it.”

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