Mum furious at friends who won't use her nickname for baby

Rebekah Scanlan
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A mum to be is extremely angry at her loved ones who are refusing to call her unborn baby by her chosen nickname. Source: Getty

Words by Rebekah Scanlan. 

An expectant mum is furious after her friends refused to use the nickname she’s chosen for her unborn baby.

The mum-to-be revealed on Mumsnet that she had already named her son Alexander Jason, giving him the nickname AJ after being a fan of the moniker since she was was a child.

The woman — who goes by the username ReiofHope and is 35 weeks pregnant — went on to explain that despite announcing his nickname, everyone from family to friends have been referring to him as “Alex”.

And it’s really winding her up.

“Over the last few weeks everyone from my step mum to the children on my partners side have been referring to him as Alex no matter how many times I correct them,” she wrote on the parenting forum.

She went on to explain that there are other nicknames in the family that have been accepted, including an Ollie for Oliver, a Harry for Harrison and and Mila for Emelia.

“So why is it that they’re refusing to use my chosen nickname?” she vented. “Am I just being an unreasonable bitch to expect people to use a specific short form?”

But while she may have turned to her fellow mums for support, it seems most of them thought she was being ‘unreasonable’.

“People will call him what they want to, you can’t dictate a nickname,” one wrote. 

I must admit I prefer Alex, AJ doesn’t sound appropriate for a baby but more for a little boy,” another added. 

The unidentified mum had named her son Alexander Jason and wanted him to be known as ‘AJ’ after falling in love with the name as a child thanks to her love of Backstreet Boys bandmate, AJ. Source: Getty

While another simply said, “You are being unreasonable”.

It’s not the first time baby names have caused controversy.

Earlier this year a French couple were banned from naming their baby girl, Liam, after a judge warned she could get confused about her gender.

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