Mum drops 10 stone in weight and saves almost £6,000 after ditching weekly takeaways

Hayley Pattinson lost 10 stone in weight after ditching her takeaway habit. (Caters)
Hayley Pattinson lost 10 stone in weight after ditching her takeaway habit. (Caters) (Caters)

A mum has lost more than 10 st in weight and saved almost £6,000 after ditching her weekly takeaways.

Hayley Pattinson, 32, from Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, used to spend up to £60 on takeaways every week.

But when she had her daughter, Nelly, now two, Pattinson decided she wanted to overhaul her eating habits.

After replacing the takeaways she'd have up to four times a week for home made dinners, the mum saw her weight fall from 22st 10lbs, to 11st 12lbs and her clothes size drop from a size 26 to a size 12.

As well as looking totally unrecognisable, the changes have seen an impact on Pattinson's bank balance with the mum-of-one able to save just under £5760 in two years.

“I didn’t want to be that fat mum who couldn’t run around after her child," Pattinson explains.

"I weighed myself one day and just knew I couldn’t be this weight anymore.

"I also took a photo of myself and thought it was awful so that’s when I started properly."

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At her heaviest Pattinson weighed over 22st. (Caters)
At her heaviest Pattinson weighed over 22st. (Caters) (Caters)

Pattinson says her regular takeaway consumption was taking its toll on her body as she estimated she was eating around 3,000 calories per day.

After joining Slimming World she lost three stone and then continuous calorie-counting helped her lose a further six stone.

"Now I'll eat around 1500 calories a day which is half the amount I used to consume," she adds.

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Before her body transformation, Pattinson says she would typically eat a bacon sandwich for breakfast, a chicken and bacon sandwich, crisps, sausage roll and a can of coke for lunch and then an Indian, Chinese or pizza takeaway for dinner.

“If I wasn’t having a takeaway, I’d just cook a frozen pizza or chips, just something quick and easy," she admits.

"Now I will have a protein bar for breakfast with a coffee, a tuna sandwich or cheese on toast for lunch with an apple and then a pasta dish for dinner."

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At her heaviest Pattinson was a dress size 26. (Caters)
At her heaviest Pattinson was a dress size 26. (Caters) (Caters)

As well as transforming her body, her new healthy eating regime has had a huge impact on her health.

“I don’t get out of breath like I used to, I just have so much more energy and I sleep so much better at night," she explains.

"I also used to suffer badly with migraines and headaches and now I don’t get them as bad."

In terms of exercise, Pattinson stays active by taking regular long walks.

“I do a power walk on my days off and go for about five miles," she explains.

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Pattinson swapped takeaways for home cooked meals. (Caters)
Pattinson swapped takeaways for home cooked meals. (Caters) (Caters)

Her finances have benefitted from the health and fitness overhaul too, with Pattinson revealing that cutting out up to four takeaways a week and making home made meals from scratch has enabled her to save just under £6,000.

Her weight loss has also inspired a new found love of clothes shopping.

"I used to dread going shopping with friends and would just do it all online," she explains.

"At my biggest I struggled to find clothes to fit me, but now I can now shop in H&M and Zara."

Her incredible body transformation has also served as inspiration for others hoping to improve their own health and fitness.

“I have so many messages from people now telling me I have inspired them to start their weight loss journey and asking me how I did it," she explains.

"Friends also now ask me for nutrition advice and tips.

“I have stared posting my meals and recipes on my Instagram account, as that’s where I get a lot of my meal inspiration from as well."

Pattinson with her daughter Nelly after losing the weight. (Caters)
Pattinson with her daughter Nelly after losing the weight. (Caters) (Caters)

Pattinson's food diary


Breakfast – Bacon roll

Lunch – Chicken and bacon sandwich, sausage roll, crisps, fizzy drink

Dinner – takeaways: Chinese, Indian, Pizza


Breakfast – Protein bar and coffee

Lunch – Tuna sandwich, cheese on toast, scrambled eggs

Dinner – Pasta, home-made stir fry, jacket potato.

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