Mum, 34, bullied for 'Dalmatian' spots signs modelling contract

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A mum who was bullied for the moles that cover her body has been signed to a modelling agency [Image: Instagram]
A mum who was bullied for the moles that cover her body has been signed to a modelling agency [Image: Instagram]

A mum who was bullied because of the “Dalmatian” spots that cover her body has signed a modelling contract.

Cheryl Shaw, 34, had been mocked about a rare skin condition, giant congential malanocytic naevus - which causes large moles to develop - her entire life.

The mum-of-two has revealed how she was forced to “dislike” the way she looked to the extent that she’d conceal them with make-up and tights.

But it was when she decided to finally embrace her skin and share pictures on Instagram of her body that she was spotted by agency Models of Diversity.

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Speaking to Metro, Cheryl - who works as a full-time practice manager at a GP surgery - said she had been called names like ‘spotty face’, ‘Dalmatian’ and ‘cookie’.

“This made me hate myself and dislike the way I looked as I felt it wasn’t normal,” she explained.

The budding model from Birmingham continued: “Summer was always a struggle as I used to wear thick layers of clothing because of the name calling.

“People used to stare at me and refused to sit next to me on a bus, or didn’t make me serve them when I used to work in a fast food restaurant.”

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Cheryl - who is mum to sons aged four and 11 - decided a year ago she’d had enough with covering herself up.

Her first step was to order pairs of shorts which she wore on holiday, and since then she has gradually built up her body confidence.

Of how she came to be signed to the charity, which supports men and women with “different and distinctive” features who have appeared in adverts for big brands like River Island and New Look, she said that they got in touch with her.

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She revealed that her sons and mum are “so proud” of her for the .

“Now I just want to inspire other people who look different – especially women with my condition,” she added.

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