Mum calls for genitalia ban on kids toys after discovering son’s toy lion has a 'willy'

An outraged mum is calling for genitalia to be banned on children’s toys after being shocked by the “rude and graphic” depiction of a penis on her son’s toy lion.

Tanya Husnu, 33, was taken aback after her daughter Aylah, three, ran up to her and asked her about the ‘willy’ on the doll.

The blogger had bought it from a Kmart store in Melbourne, Australia, for her son Hakan, four, who then showed it to his sister and twin brother Osman before a trip to the zoo.

But on closer inspection, the mum-of-five realised that the lion toy had a ‘graphic’ depiction of male genitalia hidden under the animals tale.

A mum is upset that her son’s toy lion features ‘graphic’ male genitalia [Photo: Caters]
A mum is upset that her son’s toy lion features ‘graphic’ male genitalia [Photo: Caters]

“We went into Kmart and my three youngest picked out their own toys. They were all really happy with them,” she said.

“Then one of the twins turned the lion around, and my daughter yelled out ‘look mum, the lion’s got a willy’ and they all started laughing.

“I thought it was really inappropriate. In this day and age, it’s not acceptable to have things like that on children’s toys.

“I buy a lot of toys, and my house is full of toys,” she continued. “But I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s so stupid and just plain weird.”

Despite being shocked by the toy, Tanya does admit the surprise discovery was also pretty hilarious.

“I mean it’s funny as well and you can’t help but laugh but it’s still just not appropriate for a child’s toy that is on full display in the kids’ section.

The mum admits her children had a great time showing other zoo goers the lion’s bits.

“My kids thought it was hilarious though. At the zoo, they kept lifting up the tail and showing strangers walking past the lion’s bits as they walked past and yelling out ‘willy!’

“It was so embarrassing.”

The mum’s children all chose toy animals but only the lion featured genitalia [Photo: Caters]
The mum’s children all chose toy animals but only the lion featured genitalia [Photo: Caters]

Despite being able to see the funny side, Mrs Husnu is keen to urge Kmart to stop selling the toy, which was aimed at kids older than three, because she feels parents should decide when it is right to tell their kids about genitalia.

“Some kids will probably know what it is especially when they have siblings around the same age, and yes as some have said they will need to learn what it is at some stage,” she said.

“But that’s really the parent’s decision. For kids who are not aware what that might be, it’s really quite rude.

“I’m a really easy-going parent, and I’m open to explaining the facts of life and where babies come from to my kids.

“But some parents might want to wait to have that conversation or have their kids exposed to that kind of thing at such a young age.”

Kmart has been contacted for comment.

The toy is sold by Kmart [Photos: Caters]
The toy is sold by Kmart [Photos: Caters]

How young is too young to be exposed to genitalia on toys isn’t the only parenting debate that has been raging of late.

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Meanwhile a pregnant woman sparked a debate about gender disappointment after being left devastated by the news she’s having a boy instead of the baby girl she hoped for.

And last a mum caused uproar after revealing her unusual hack for cleaning her toilet brush by putting it in the dishwasher.

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