Mum throws Aldi-themed 4th birthday party for daughter who loves the budget store

Four-year-old Saylor loves to find the best deals at Aldi with her mum (Photo: Webb Trio Photography)
Four-year-old Saylor loves to find the best deals at Aldi with her mum (Photo: Webb Trio Photography)

A mum created an Aldi-themed birthday party for her four-year-old daughter, who is ‘obsessed’ with the budget supermarket.

Meaghan Singleton, 28, from South Carolina, USA, designed the birthday bash for Saylor using decor inspired by Aldi marketing materials, themed signs, food served in cardboard boxes from the supermarket and branded wine.

She also gave her daughter, who turned four on January 27, a party dress embroidered with the company badge to mimic staff’s uniform.

Singleton says her little girl has accompanied her on shopping trips to the supermarket since she could sit up in a shopping buggy, but really fell in love with the store just over a year ago.

The mum told Yahoo Style UK: “By far the most memorable moment was her coming into the dining room after putting on her uniform before the party started and seeing everything come together.

“Her face lit up and she ran around to her grandma saying ‘I love Aldi!’

Aldi party
Replica signs of the supermarket were put up as well as posters, cookie coins, a cupcake stand and even a fake till (Photo: Meaghan Singleton/Facebook)

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“The most challenging part of the party was trying to not go overboard with the Aldi colours.

“Seriously, everything was affordable and simple to create once I had the idea. I have definitely thrown more complex themed parties.”

The unique party only cost $150 as the decorations were bought cheaply in a craft store.

Singleton said: “I have a Cricut machine and was able to make my own Aldi signage with it. All the food, besides a few allergy friendly items, was purchased at Aldi. We had fruit, chips, corn dogs, mac ‘n’ cheese, salad and a veggie tray.”

The mum even made an ‘Aldi finds’ signs with photographs of Saylor taken at different ages, and cookies designed as coins needed for trolleys.

Aldi party decorations
The party only cos $150 as the decorations were bought cheaply in a craft store (Photo: Meaghan Singleton/Facebook)

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The birthday girl also enjoyed a professional photoshoot at her local Aldi store, as the supermarket were so impressed with the themed party in their honour.

Singleton said: “They loved it and sent her a birthday package full of February's goodies on Aldi finds aisle.

“Our family friend owns Webb Trio Photography, who took photos of Saylor at Aldi. That for sure will help us to always remember that when Saylor turned four, Aldi was life!”

The birthday girl enjoyed a professional photoshoot at her local Aldi store (Photo: Webb Trio Photography)

Singleton’s hard work didn’t go unnoticed as birthday party guests were left in awe by her crafting skills and attention to detail.

The mum posted pictures of the party to the ALDI Aisle of Shame Community Facebook page, telling everyone how much of a success it was, and the post has been liked almost 7000 times with 900 comments.

One person commented: ‘How adorable and so creative on everything!’

Another added: ‘What a wonderful and one of a kind party.’

Cart Cookies
Cart Cookies

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Someone else said: ‘I hope she gets a part in a commercial with these adorable pictures!’

The youngster’s favourite decoration was the cupcakes served on a tier stand with the label “Aldi Finds: Here today, gone tomorrow.”