Ms Rachel responds to backlash over her Pride Month video

Ms Rachel defends herself after Pride Month message backlash  (@msrachelforlittles on Instagram)
Ms Rachel defends herself after Pride Month message backlash (@msrachelforlittles on Instagram)

Amid a storm of criticism and opposition, Ms Rachel has spoken out to defend her recent post wishing her dedicated audience a happy Pride Month 2024.

The famed social media personality – whose full name is Rachel Griffin Accurso – took to her Instagram page on June 2 to honor the significance of Pride, a nationwide celebration of the LGBTQ+ community.

In the published video, she said: “Happy Pride to all our wonderful families and friends. This month and every month I celebrate you. I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so glad you’re exactly who you are.

“To those who are going to comment they can’t watch the show anymore because of this support, no worries and much love your way. God bless. I am not chasing fame or views. I’m standing strong in love,” Ms Rachel added.

Unfortunately, her heartfelt message was met with flocks of online haters, including from parents with children who adore the former preschool teacher’s silly songs and educational clips.

Despite the backlash, the 41-year-old YouTuber felt no need to apologize for posting about Pride Month. In fact, Ms Rachel was inclined to do the opposite.

“I’ve shared some prayers on here before and said, ‘God bless,’ and that’s because my faith is really important to me. And it’s also one reason why I love every neighbor,” she started in a June 3 Instagram video, in response to the backlash.

Ms Rachel referenced a specific bible passage – Matthew 22 – to establish her religious connection to Pride Month principles.

“I believe it’s mentioned eight times — ‘love your neighbor,” she continued. “So yes, everyone belongs. Everyone’s welcome. Everyone is treated with empathy and respect. It doesn’t say, ‘Love every neighbor except.’”

“There are so many reasons I stand strong in love. I stand with everyone. That’s who I am and the love back and the ‘God bless’ if you disagree is genuine,” Ms Rachel added.

Under her initial post, commenters told the YouTuber they’d never let their children watch her content again, arguing she should have never talked about Pride Month to an audience majorly made up of toddlers.

“Goodbye! Never will you be on my TV again,” one blunt parent proclaimed, while another remarked: “Sad but no longer allowed at our home.”

A third wrote: “My kids don’t know what Pride is. Keep it about the rabbits, numbers and learning Ms Rachel.”

“Bye bye miss Rachel! This is not appropriate for my kids,” another agreed.

Daily Wire’s host Matt Walsh encouraged conservative parents to take Ms Rachel’s Pride message as a sign to never again allow their children to engage with her content.

“Ms Rachel is an extremely popular YouTuber who makes content for babies and toddlers,” he wrote on X. “She just posted a video celebrating Pride Month. This is a message to conservatives parents. She doesn’t want your business. You should respond accordingly.”

On her follow-up video, the same commenters flooded her page. “My kids will not watch you,” an upset viewer noted.

However, Ms Rachel’s loyal followers were quick to defend her against the opposers.

“Ms Rachel took a risk posting this, and I’m so glad she did,” one individual proclaimed, while a second said: “Ms Rachel is not just for littles. Big people clearly need you too.”

The Independent has contacted Ms Rachel for comment.