M&S brings back Christmas snow globe gin and now it comes in magical light-up bottles

Expect a scramble for M&S snow globe gin with added sparkle this year. (M&S)
Expect a scramble for M&S snow globe gin with added sparkle this year. (M&S)

M&S has brought back its snow globe gin, and this year it comes with added sparkle.

Having promptly sold-out soon after hitting shelves in 2019, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the restocking of the Clementine Gin Liqueur, ever since.

So despite it still being 100 days until Christmas, we’ll definitely be going in for this one soon.

The 2020 Crimbo gin offering has not only been expanded to include a brand-new rhubarb flavour, but the bottles have been given a clever make-over.

The gorgeous glowing bottles, in store now, have a LED light in the base, which brings out the sparkle of the 23 carat edible gold leaf inside and illuminates the woodland and festive street scene decorations.

The result is a mesmerising bottle that makes the £18 liqueurs a show-stopping Christmas – or just-because – gift.

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The high street chain says the liqueur caused such a frenzy when it hit shelves last year that queues formed every time new deliveries arrived.

M&S’s Instagram post announcing the launch garnered 20,000+ likes within the first few hours, which offers an indication that this year the scramble to nab a bottle is going to be oh, so, real.

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According to new research from YouGov, commissioned for M&S's 2020 Christmas Trends report, 13% of UK adults are already looking forward to Christmas more this year than in previous years, and 15% already believe they'll be stocking up earlier this year than normal.

M&S Food's managing director Stuart Machin said: “As a nation we’ve all been through a lot this year. Our customers will want to celebrate Christmas and mark the end of the year with friends and family in the best way they can.”

The gin launch comes a week after selection boxes and mince pies were spotted for sale on supermarket shelves.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Christmas this year, following changes to restrictions about the number of people that can attend social gatherings, it seems we just can’t wait to start on the festive fun.

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