M&S accused of gentrifying chip shop ‘scraps’ after launching tubs for £1.05

Laura Hampson
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M&S has launched 'chip shop scraps' as part of its new Chip Shop range (Unsplash)
M&S has launched 'chip shop scraps' as part of its new Chip Shop range (Unsplash)

If there’s one food item we, as a nation, collectively love it’s fish and chips.

What’s not to love about deep fried pieces of fresh fish and chips covered in salt and vinegar? Yet it's the little bits of discarded batter left behind (affectionately known as ‘scraps’) that is often the most delicious part.

This is the thinking behind the latest product from Marks and Spencer: chip shop scraps.

Retailing for £1.05 per tub, they are marketed by M&S as ‘scraps of our light and crispy batter’.

The scraps should be cooked before eating, and the product can be frozen too.

Twitter users were swift in their backlash against the product, with one tweeting: “Can’t believe they’ve gentrified scraps.”

Her comment garnered nearly 20,000 ‘likes’ and 2,000 retweets on the platform.

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Another replied: “OMG, what a rip off. You get them free at chip shops.”

A fellow Twitter user said the product was ‘a desperate attempt to appeal to northerners’.

However, one added that for those living in the south of England, this product was the ‘nearest we can get to having them.’

M&S first launched its chip shop scraps back in 2018, but has brought them back as park of their new ‘Chip Shop’ range.

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A spokesperson for M&S said in a statement: “We first introduced our delicious scraps back in 2018 with our popular battered fish, and this autumn we decided it was time to set them free and allow customers to choose where they sprinkle these crispy, light nuggets of savoury batter!

"Launched as part of our new ‘Chip Shop’ range, they’ve definitely got the nation talking and we’re now looking forward to hearing how customers across the whole of the UK are enjoying theirs.”

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