Mrs Hinch treats her dog to a 'spa experience' with head massage and eye pads

Mrs Hinch, the cleaning sensation with a mammoth Instagram following, has gone all out to pamper her dog Henry with a full-on spa day. The social media star, who is also mum to some alpacas and chickens, and entrepreneur treated her golden show cocker spaniel to a relaxing face massage and even applied cooling eye pads for the ultimate indulgence.

Sharing the adorable spa session on her Instagram, she showed off her stellar pampering skills as Henry blissfully enjoyed his day of relaxation.

Lying on a soft towel, the pampered pooch looked completely at ease with his paws up in the air, clearly enjoying the cooling eye pads placed gently over his eyes by Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe. To set the mood, she played calming music and added some playful snores for a touch of humour.

Mrs Hinch used a face roller on Henry the dog to give him the full spa experience
Mrs Hinch used a face roller on Henry the dog to give him the full spa experience -Credit:mrshinchhome/Instagram
Henry enjoyed an eye cleanse courtesy of Mrs Hinch
Henry enjoyed an eye cleanse courtesy of Mrs Hinch -Credit:mrshinchhome/Instagram

SHe captioned the funny video: "Spa experience anyone? Henry will definitely be booking in again, I had to try this reel trend , it had Henry’s name written all over it, my handsomes xxx".

Henry's pampering didn't stop there. He was also treated to a scalp massager that glided across his fur and a jade facial roller that was used on his nose and cheeks, reports the Mirror.

Sophie, who shot to fame with her handy home cleaning tips, has dedicated a bedroom in her beautiful Hinch Farm home to Henry, complete with a vase of white roses, a plush silver rug and his name spelled out in letters on the wall.

The business mogul recently spilled the beans on her incredible journey to financial freedom, thanks to her booming social media presence. She has raked in millions through her savvy use of social media and lucrative brand partnerships, including a deal with Home Bargains.

Now, she's living it up in a plush £1 million farmhouse in Essex, but rewind to 2015, and Sophie, alongside her hubby Jamie, was counting pennies with just "£11 in the bank".

The mother of two took a trip down memory lane on Instagram, posting nostalgic photos of her humble beginnings nearly ten years ago. One snapshot captures the first flat she shared with Jamie, now 45, before their sons Ronnie, four, and Lennie, two, were born, featuring their spaniel Henry as an adorable pup.

She reminisced: "In mine and Jamie's first flat that we rented together, we were trying to rent and save at the same time and I remember thinking, even if we never buy a house, we have Henry now, so it's ok."

She also revealed the sacrifices they made to achieve their dream home, including a stint living with her parents for four months to save up the last £3,000 needed for their £16,000 deposit. She reflected: "That was the deposit amount we needed to buy (we used the Help to Buy scheme) And I'll never ever forget the happiness we felt."

She went on to share a picture of the house that catapulted her to fame in her early days of social media. "Then in July 2016 we moved in with £11 in our bank until our next pay day so we ordered a kebab and ate it in the garden, just me, Jamie and Henry. And little did I know that creating an Instagram page to document this very house would turn into my Mrs Hinch journey. I can't even put it into words. This is where everything started and I'll never EVER forget it."