Mrs Hinch shares simple decluttering tip to help keep your home tidy

The cleaning queen appeared on Lorraine to discuss her top household hacks, including how to speed up the decluttering process.

Video transcript

LORRAINE KELLY: Tell me about the declutter jar because this is a great idea.

SOPHIE HINCHCLIFFE: I'm obsessed with it.

LORRAINE KELLY: Yes. So what do we do here?

SOPHIE HINCHCLIFFE: So it's as simple as a jar filled with numbers from one to 30. Fold it up. And then each day, when you get the chance, you just take one out.


SOPHIE HINCHCLIFFE: And you find that number of objects around the home or garden. It could be as little as a button to a piece of furniture. It could be a wide range. And you just either recycle it, you donate it, you get rid of it, you bin It. You just empty that amount of items. And I'm hooked.