Mrs Hinch says 'I will never unsee it' after spotting something unusual with family alpacas

'Queen of Clean' Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, has shared a rather bizarre observation about her family alpacas. Taking to her Instagram story, the influencer, 34, posted a screenshot of the messages she'd received from a fan, which had completely changed the way she looks at the animal.

They wrote: "Oh god I've just noticed that their bums look like c*** and balls when they are lying down [string of crying laughing emojis] I can't unsee it now!!! Love em [two pink heart emojis]"

Responding to this, Mrs Hinch said: "NO STOP! Why have I never noticed this before? [crying emoji] and now I will never EVER unsee it [crying laughing emoji]"

Mrs Hinch
Mrs Hinch shared a rather strange message she received about her alpacas -Credit:Instagram/Mrshinchhome

She then added: "My inbox [laughing emoji] I can't deal. What the floof."

Sophie adopted her three alpacas, Roy, Rodney and Raymond, after she, her husband Jamie, their two sons, Ronnie, four, and Lennie, two, moved into their luxury £1million farmhouse in Essex.

Following the move, the cleaning sensation revealed the extraordinary story behind the home, as she told fans: "Truth is my parents and I have been driving past this house since I was 11. And we always said to each other, we wonder who lives in there, we even used to imagine here and what we could do if we ever did."

Mrs Hinch has three alpacas on her property
Mrs Hinch has three alpacas on her property -Credit:Instagram/Mrshinchhome

She recently shared a throwback video of herself running through the sprawling gardens toward her farmhouse as she thanked her Instagram followers for their support, as well as making a separate post to husband Jamie, as she said: "This wouldn't have happened without you. None of it."

Finding fame has seen Mrs Hinch land some incredible opportunities, which have helped her to earn an eye-watering £7 million in just three years, according to a new report.

The social media influencer has earned a whopping £2 million in 2023 alone, meaning that in the last three years she's amassed a fortune of £7 million.

Stacey & Jemma Solomon and Mrs Hinch
Mrs Hinch left fans in stitches with the revelation -Credit:staceysolomon/Instagram

She recently reflected on her more humble beginnings as she shared a video of the first flat she moved into with now-husband Jamie back and their spaniel Henry in 2015.

She wrote: "In mine and Jamie's first flat that we rented together, we were trying to rent and save at the same time and I remember thinking even if we never buy a house, we have Henry now so it's ok."

Sophie then shared a snap of the first house they purchased, revealing that after putting down a deposit they had jsit £11 to their names.