Moving house? These are the UK's healthiest areas to live in

these are the uk's healthiest areas to live in
The healthiest places to live in the UK GordonBellPhotography - Getty Images

The healthiest places in the UK have been revealed, with Milton Keynes scooping first place.

From fresh air to thriving green spaces, a new study conducted by Flogas has uncovered the areas that can keep your spirits up and help regulate your emotions in a healthy manner.

"From air quality and green parks to warm temperatures and hours of sunshine, there are many different factors that can make a place stand out. Combined, these aspects can also have a huge, beneficial impact on your health and wellbeing," the experts in the Off-Grid Gas Division at Flogas say.

Moving house? Take a look at the happiest places to live in the UK...

1. Milton Keynes

milton keynes
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Milton Keynes has been named the healthiest place to live in the UK, praised for its low pollution levels. After analysing data collected from the World Air Quality Index, the Buckinghamshire region totalled an impressive score of 97.97 on air score, while also having the highest satisfaction rate regarding greens and parks.

"Recently awarded the right to call itself a city as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, Milton Keynes has another valid reason to smile and cheer," the researchers say. "In fact, when it comes to sourcing a wellbeing paradise, this urban area in Buckinghamshire tops our table of Britain's healthiest places to reside in."

2. Brighton and Hove

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Dreaming of being beside the sea? With a whopping 1,670 hours of sunshine per year, the coastal city of Brighton and Hove is also one of the healthiest places to move to. Similar to Milton Keynes, Brighton also boasts a wide range of beautiful green areas, scoring an overall total of 91.23 out of 100.

"One of the city's most obvious advantages is that it tends to benefit from pleasant, sunny weather all year round. Considering that sunlight triggers the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that uplifts your mood and helps you feel calmer, it is no surprise that this southern city shines in second position."

3. Swansea and Middlesbrough

swansea south wales uk
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Swansea and Middlesbrough take joint third place, both praised for their green spaces, mild climates, and commendable pollution and air quality scores.

Swansea scored 98.13 out of 100, meanwhile Middlesbrough was voted the best location with the lowest pollution rate in the whole of the UK. While it was once known for its presence of steel and iron factories, pollution levels have dropped significantly after many of them have closed.

4. Sunderland

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Sunderland, situated 30 miles north of Middlesbrough, was also praised for its clean air quality. With the buzz of a big city but the charm of a close community, it's one of the best places to live in the UK.

"It is the second location in Britain with the lowest pollution rates and the best breathability score. This makes the city on the River Wear one of the country's healthiest places to live in. So, does Sunderland float your boat?"

5. Plymouth

these are the uk's healthiest areas to live in
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The Devon-based port city of Plymouth takes the final spot, praised for its 1,732 hours of sunlight each year. From its 17th century royal citadel to the picturesque lighthouse (Smeaton's Tower), Plymouth is a healthy place to reside that has heaps on offer for residents.

The team explain: "Sunshine has endless benefits for our overall wellbeing, and sunny Plymouth is rightly one of Britain's healthiest places to live in."

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