What Are #MermaidThighs And Why’s The Hashtag Taking Over Social Media?


Women are taking to social media to post pictures of their touching thighs [Photo: Instagram/dilarina]

Let’s face it social media isn’t always the nicest place to hang out. In fact over the past couple of years alone Instagram has spawned several unpleasant movements that subtly shame women who don’t fit into a certain, narrow definition of beauty. Yes, we’re looking at you thigh gap, ab crack and the utterly ridiculous A4 waist challenge.

The message is simple if your body doesn’t fit, you can’t be in the body beautiful gang. Well body negative trends be gone, as there’s a shiny new hashtag doing the rounds of the social media block and it’s way, way, more empowering.

In a direct response to the thigh gap, #MermaidThighs is all about celebrating your natural body shape, whether you have a gap in your thighs or not. And what better way to celebrate the way you look than by channelling your inner Ariel?


Almost 1500 women have joined the movement in a direct response to the thigh gap [Photo: Instagram/mccoy_babe_]

Spawned by confident women who want to spread a bit of body-love, the social movement is currently making waves (pun intended) on Twitter and Instagram, where women are posting pictures of their thighs which, shock horror, actually touch. Because as the famous meme goes “if your thighs touch, you’re one step closer to being a mermaid.”

And don’t be thinking this trend is about dissing women who happen to have a natural gap in their thighs either. Oh no, there’s no body-shaming here, just all round BoPo vibes.


The movement is helping to spread a little body positivity [Photo: Instagram/rachelwilliams73]

With almost 1500 women already sharing their pictures on Instagram, and other wannabe Ariels joining the movement every day, the #MermaidThighs trend is making quite the splash (geddit?)

Now all we need is some mermaid-esque hair to complete the look. *Scrolls Instagram for inspo*

Don’t you just love social media? Sometimes.

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