This motivational bottle helps me drink more water (and my skin has never looked better)

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My skin has never looked better and it’s all down to this 2litre water bottle. (Getty Images)
Struggling to drink enough water working from home? I've found a solution. (Getty Images)

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There are definitely some unexpected benefits that come with working from home.

You never have to queue for the coffee machine, you needn’t worry about coworkers using your mug or eating your food from the fridge (even when it’s clearly labelled) and once you’re finished for the day, there is no public transport to contend with and your slippers are mere metres away.

However, one of the downsides I hadn’t anticipated was that I would drink less water than ever.

Without a water filter nearby, or the need to invent an excuse to get up and go for a bit of a walk-about, I stopped drinking as much.

There was no water jug in the middle of meetings anymore (difficult on Zoom!) and no colleagues to let me know they were popping to the kitchen and happy to bring me back a drink.

I didn’t think about it too much until I noticed my skin had become rather dull and lacklustre, and my complexion slightly blotchy.

Shot of a woman drinking a glass of water at home
Water improves your health and your skin. (Getty Images)

Months of working inside, under central heating, with the extra stress around us, can do that to our skin, so I knew I wasn’t alone.

I asked friends for advice and all of them recommended expensive skincare or at-home facials, apart from one, who asked me if I was drinking enough water.

I set about finding a way to get my quota in - a normal water bottle didn’t work as I rarely got round to refilling it between meetings, and glasses of water didn’t work either as it was impossible to track how much I was really taking in.

Finally, after a bit of research, I bought a QuiFit 2.2 Litre Motivational Water Bottle from Amazon.

With timestamped markings down the side, the bottle clearly sets out exactly how much water you should be drinking as the day goes.

Two litres sounds like a lot, bit when you see it broken down over the course of 14 hours, it doesn’t feel like much at all.

This motivational bottle is a great buy if you struggle to drink enough water. (Amazon)
This motivational bottle is a great buy if you struggle to drink enough water. (Amazon)

£13.95 at Amazon

And so, I began filling it in the morning, and taking regular sips throughout the day.

The sense of achievement I enjoyed at the end of each day was enough to spur me to keep going, and after a few weeks I noticed that my skin had started to brighten.

My complexion was more even, my cheeks looked more plump and my eyes looked more sparkly.

To check that it really was the water that was responsible for the transformation, I stopped using lots of different skincare and simply washed my face with water twice and a day and used a light moisturiser.

My skin stayed just as bright.

What the reviews say:

It turns out that I'm not the only person out there drinking in the benefits of... well, drinking, as the water bottle has almost 4,000 reviews on the Amazon site.

"Love this," features in many of the five-star comments, as well as new mums praising it for "boosting" their water intake during breastfeeding and meaning they never get "stuck" without a drink.

Others had also seen an improvement in their skin, had been finding it much "easier" to stay hydrated and found that it made drinking less of a "chore."

Buy it: QuiFit 2.2 Litre Motivational Water Bottle | £13.95 from Amazon

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