This is Mothership present their guide to life

This is Mothership’s Samantha Silver and Gemma Rose Breger
This is Mothership’s Samantha Silver and Gemma Rose Breger

With modern life’s information overload, it’s hard to know where to turn when you want to quickly find helpful life hacks. And when it comes to fashion, beauty and style, there are a myriad of websites, blog posts, social media sites, television shows and magazines all offering up differing opinions. What is a girl to do? Step forward the popular Instagram duo This is Mothership – aka Samantha Silver and Gemma Rose Breger – who have just released their debut book which is packed full of brilliant tips and ideas to live your best and most stylish life.

“It’s a fashion and beauty destination for people short on time,” Sam tells Hello! in this exclusive interview. “We really hope it streamlines life and makes the day-to-day easier.”

Gemma adds: “It’s a guide on how to do life for busy women: how to get dressed quickly without having to overthink anything; how to do your skincare; how to make your house feel good.”

For those who aren’t familiar with the duo – who have 80,000 followers on Instagram – This is Mothership was created in 2016 by beauty journalist Sam and fashion stylist Gemma. After first making contact on Instagram, they decided to start working on a social media account together and, within six months, were hosting events for brands including GHD. A few months later they quit their jobs to concentrate on This is Mothership full-time while also raising their young children.

While their forum started out with the idea of providing beauty and style tips to young mothers who still wanted to look and feel good, their remit has expanded to cover all that and more. And they were determined to keep it real on social media, sharing the hectic aspects of their lives to avoid presenting a perfect façade which can put false pressure on followers. “I could never live with myself if I was one of those people who made other people feel bad about themselves because you're not posting reality,” Gemma says. “And yes, Instagram is still the best version of everyone. However, being relatable is so important to us.”

Sam adds: “You can find the reality on our stories and the glossiness on the grid.”

This is Mothership’s Samantha Silver and Gemma Rose Breger's debut book
This is Mothership’s Samantha Silver and Gemma Rose Breger's debut book

The book reflects all the aspects of their platform, including a guide to a perfect dinner party, favourite family recipes and travel guides as well as contributions from esteemed experts in the industry. Sam explains: “It's fashion and beauty and all the things that we've covered in life, but there's also lots of different voices running through the book; we have Zeena Shah talking about how to wear colours; we’ve got Jessica Diner on modern dressing and Ateh Jewel on make-up for dark skin. So even if we don't appeal to you, there’s voices in there that will.”

There are also a myriad of other chapters on topics such as how to declutter, the best kitchen gadgets and travel tips. Gemma says she is particularly pleased to have included a section about sustainable fashion. “As the years have gone on, I have felt more passionately about the world around us and what our kids are growing up and growing into. There’s a section on eco swaps, which are things that I wish someone had told me about ten years ago. If every person in the room did an eco swap, it could change the planet and you can have a real impact.”

For Sam it was something else. “I really love the food section because it's quite personal to me. There's recipes from my family and my friends and me and they all have lots of good times attached to them. I really hope that people cook them and also create their own memories.”

And the girls can hardly believe they are creating new memories with the publication of their debut book, which has been in the works for five years. Gemma says: “It’s mega – I can’t wait to go into a store with our kids and be like, This is our book. This is what we did. It is such an accomplishment.”

Here This is Mothership offer their top five packing tips and their top five tips to stay stylish on the school run.


1: Packing cubes are life.

They make it super easy to pack and unpack by compartmentalising your suitcase so you know exactly where everything is. You can pack in outfits or in sections eg: swimsuits, underwear.  Also when it comes time to do the dreaded 'after holiday' laundry - use one for dirty, whites and one for clean - it saves huge amounts of time.

2: A travel steamer is surprisingly useful.

They take up virtually no space, but pack a punch. They work best on lightweight fabrics making them a great for summer dresses and linen shirts.

3: Roll don't fold.

This technique takes up less room in the case, so you can pack more in, and causes less creasing.

4: Stuff your hats with your pants.

This pro-stylist trick helps to hold the shape of the hat, and can be space saving, packing into crevices you may otherwise not use.

5: Bring a travel handwash.

You don't need to pack as much if you wash while you go. We recommend The Lab Co handwash. They are paper thin, biodegradable packaging and dissolve into nothing. Wash in a sink or bath, then hang it on a balcony to dry.


- Sunglasses:

Raining? Cloudy? Doesn't matter. If you take anything from this list, it's to keep a pair in the car and chuck them on when you don't feel so sparkly. They hide a myriad of disasters - and are our saving grace when the morning has been so chaotic we can't face anyone just yet.

- A blazer:

A tailored jacket can physically make you feel pulled together and more powerful, whilst also visible turning an array of clothes into an outfit. Throw it on with jeans and a T, over a dress, and even over joggers and a jumper.

-  A co-ord:

We adore a co-ord. These fail-safe outfits are our favourite hack. You look like you've made loads of effort, piecing an outfit together, but there is minimal effort involved as you don't need to waste time thinking about what to pair the pieces with and always looks polished.

- Lipstick:

Whenever we want to look like we have our sh*t together, we put on a red lip. It works a treat when you're knackered, as the bold lip detracts from tired eyes, makes your teeth look whiter and the whites of your eyes pop. Or team it with your sunglasses, no one will ever know you're in the midst of dropping all the balls.

- Perfume:

Take a moment, spritz and breathe. Those 1.5 seconds are possibly the only time you'll get to yourself - and a moment of clarity. We're constantly on the go, so a moment of calmness means you can be on-point for your kids at the school gate.

This is Beauty. This is Fashion. This is Life. This is Mothership is out now on Piatkus