Mother films twin babies noticing each other for the first time

Mother films twin babies noticing each other for the first time

Twins may look alike to their parents but it takes some time for them to catch the resemblance themselves.

Meagan Garr recently took to TikTok to share a video of her four-month-old twin boys, Cooper and Olsen, looking at each other for the very first time. “My heart could explode. I hope they’ll always be best buds,” she captioned the clip.

In Garr’s TikTok, her sons are lying next to each other when one looks over and appears shocked at first to see another baby so close to him. Soon, the two end up smiling and laughing at each other, as text across the screen reads: “My twin boys discovering each other for the first time.”

The twins even seemed to be communicating among themselves as they both began responding to the other’s babbles.

Garr’s video has since received more than 26 million views, with many viewers joking about Cooper and Olsen’s interaction.

“And they were wombmates,” one comment read.

Another commenter joked: “They are having a telepathic conversation like… hey bro remember when we kicked mom in the ribs.”

“‘Ayyyyyeee I know you!’ This is the cutest thing ever!!” a third person wrote in the comments section.

According to an interview Garr gave to Today, she decided to record Cooper and Olsen to see if she could catch them acknowledging each other.

“I have a friend whose twins are six months old and she told me: ‘They just noticed each other.’ I was like: ‘That’s a milestone — what?’” she told the outlet.

The mother added that the two of them had previously recognized their two older brothers, six-year-old Jackson and three-year-old Lucas, but not each other.

“It’s sort of like: ‘You’re my arm, you’re always there,’” Garr added.

She told the outlet that she’s also started to take pictures of the twins with the hopes of capturing one with both of them smiling at the same time. While looking through her attempts, she saw them smiling at each other.

“It was a candid moment, which made my heart so happy,” Garr recalled.

The mother of four added that she feels lucky to have twins, especially because it had been a former dream of hers.

“When I was five, I told my mom: ‘I’m going to have twin boys when I grow up,’” Garr said. “Then I had my first baby and said: ‘Just kidding, one is really hard.’”

Despite twins not running in either her or her husband’s families, Garr said that when she was pregnant her son Jackson was convinced it was going to be twins this time.

“He said: ‘I want two babies,’” Garr said. By the time she received her first ultrasound and discovered for herself it was twins, Jackson “wasn’t even fazed.”

Cooper and Olsen were born premature at 33 weeks and went on to spend the first month of their lives in the hospital’s NICU, with Cooper weighing three pounds, 14 ounces and Olsen weighing five pounds, one ounce.

Although the twins have only addressed each other a few times, Garr said she would like them to do it more often.

“We’ve had a few moments if they’re both in a good mood and next to each other,” she said.

The Independent has contacted Garr for comment.