My Most Used Costco Item Ever Is on Sale Right Now

It's perfect for road trips, spring picnics, outdoor concerts, and more.

<p>Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples

We love a good Costco find, whether it’s the best copycats of some of our favorite name-brand items or a new dessert getting rave reviews. And while we naturally focus on the food deals, the wholesale club sometimes has some non-food products that we can’t ignore (hello, half-price Le Creuset). Right now, Costco has a backpack cooler on sale that’s become one of the most-used Costco items in my home.

Costco's Backpack Cooler by Titan

This backpack cooler was the item I didn't know I needed. When I received it as a gift, I thought it was destined to collect cobwebs in the basement and that I'd only pull it out a couple of times a year. But it's more than earned its spot in my small apartment storage.

The Titan Deep Freeze 26-Can Backpack Cooler has multiple compartments to slide food and drinks into, and while it's roomy inside (it fits 26 cans), the backpack doesn't feel too large when you're wearing it. Plus, it's actually comfortable.

I've brought the backpack out on beach days and picnics, and my partner regularly uses it for all-day outdoor events. It keeps things cold, and very importantly, it doesn't leak. I prefer to toss this in the car for road trips rather than a hard-sided cooler that's less comfortable for me to maneuver.

Typically, this backpack cooler will cost you about $50, but Instagram's Costcoguide found it on sale for $35 right now. Commenters on Instagram are seemingly as satisfied with the cooler as I've been, saying, "I have one and it's a game changer," and, "Bought our few yrs ago we still use till this day we love it no issues at all."

If you're looking for a new soft-sided cooler that's easier to carry, the backpack cooler might be the perfect addition to your cooler collection

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