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Say bonjour to this brunch favorite.

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Meredith Food Studios

When it comes to brunch, it’s hard to go wrong. There are savory casseroles, such as Cheesy Ham and Hash Brown Casserole, and sweet ones, like this Overnight Blueberry French Toast. In our book, every brunch food is a winner, regardless of flavor profile.

But in our deep catalog of brunch recipes, one was saved by Allrecipes members more than any other recipe. While we thought that a brunch casserole might win out (because brunch often involves a crowd), we were surprised—and happy!—to see one of our favorite recipes take the top spot: Basic Crêpes.

Why We Love Basic Crêpes

Crêpes may seem intimidating to make, but they're more straightforward than you may expect them to be. First, considering they're just very thin pancakes, you likely already have all the ingredients you need on hand. To make crêpes, you need all-purpose flour, eggs, milk, water, salt, and butter.

Second, they're quick to make. Because crêpes are so thin and cook quickly in the pan, you need to keep a close eye on them, but each crêpe will only take about two minutes to cook, meaning less time at the stove.

Third, they just feel fancy. While we adore classic American fluffy pancakes (as do many Allrecipes members—Good Old Fashioned Pancakes is our most-reviewed recipe of all time), crêpes feel like being on a French vacation even while standing in your kitchen.

""I honestly love this recipe. It is so easy and delicious, and because i'm french it matches my family's guidelines!"

Allrecipes Member


Can You Make Crêpes Ahead of Time?

Even if you love the idea of crêpes, it can be intimidating to think of making them for a crowd. But luckily, despite being delicate in the pan, they’re pretty sturdy when it comes to refrigeration. They’ll keep in the fridge for up to two days, meaning you can make them the day before you host a big brunch, reheat them, and add fillings to order. We recommend stacking them with wax paper between each layer and storing them in an airtight container or zip-top plastic bag. Reheat them briefly in a pan before serving—they reheat quickly. You can even freeze prepared crêpes for up to two months.

How to Make Crêpes

Be sure to check out our top tips for making crêpes, but here are the basics:

Prepare your batter by combining flour, eggs, milk, water, salt, and melted butter. Beat until there are no lumps and the batter is smooth.

Heat a lightly oiled frying pan over medium-high heat. Scoop ¼ cup batter into the center of the pan, then tilt it in a circular motion so that the batter coats the pan.

Cook the crêpe until the top is no longer wet and the bottom is very lightly browned. Use a spatula to loosen the edges of the crêpe, flip, and cook the other side. Repeat until all crêpes are cooked.

Some Allrecipes members recommend combining wet ingredients before mixing in the dry ingredients to make whisking them together easier. According to one member, “made these tonight - came out great! as others suggested, i mixed the wet ingredients first (adding a dash of vanilla).”

How to Serve Crêpes

Serve crêpes hot. If you aren’t making them ahead of time, plan to prepare them right before you want to eat. You can serve crêpes with either savory or sweet fillings, which you can prepare before cooking.

Crêpe Fillings

A classic (delicious) sweet crêpe filling is butter, sugar, and lemon juice, but you can fill them with almost anything. Spread butter and your favorite jam; add a swipe of Nutella and top with sliced strawberries; add a dollop of whipped cream or dust with a sprinkle of powdered sugar; add a little nut butter and mini chocolate chips for a decadent sweet-salty mix; or even make Sweet Peach Crêpe Filling.

Kim's Cooking Now
Kim's Cooking Now

Savory crêpes can get similarly creative. A trio of cheese, egg, and ham is a natural place to start, but you can add almost anything. If you’re a person who loves an omelet stuffed with spinach and feta, you’ll probably find you enjoy the same combo nestled in a folded crêpe. Roasted butternut squash, pickled jalapeños, crumbled bacon, and a sprinkle of Cheddar cheese? Go for it.

Allrecipes member Vicki Chavez Verboom said, “We did crepes two ways: spinach, onion & goat cheese followed by berries & chocolate sauce for dessert.” Another member noted, “I served this to my family with cinnamon and sugar covered apples (that had been softened in the microwave), and whipped cream. Everybody enjoyed it very much.”

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