These are the most popular names for babies born in July

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Photo credit: DusanManic - Getty Images
Photo credit: DusanManic - Getty Images

We've arrived in July, and with it the peak of the summer is here. If you're due to have a summer time baby at some point this month, then no doubt you'll have baby names on the brain.

It's a tricky one, choosing a name for your baby. Do you follow the trends, choosing a name that's proven popular with other parents in recent years? Or do you opt for something a little more themed, seeking inspiration for your baby name from the season or month in which it's due?

Luckily, we've got help for both. For those expectant parents who want to see which names for baby girls and boys are typically popular at this time of year, we've drawn up the list of most popular July baby names from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)' 2019 data (which is the most recently available).

Alternatively, we've added some July-inspired baby name suggestions for your perusal at the bottom, if that's more your cuppa tea. Who knows? Maybe one of them will be perfect for your baby boy or baby girl...

Top July baby names for boys:

  1. Oliver

  2. George

  3. Arthur

  4. Noah

  5. Jack

  6. Harry

  7. Leo

  8. Muhammad

  9. Charlie

  10. Oscar

Top July baby names for girls:

  1. Olivia

  2. Amelia

  3. Isla

  4. Ava

  5. Mia

  6. Lily

  7. Isabella

  8. Evie

  9. Freya

  10. Sophia

Photo credit: Westend61 - Getty Images
Photo credit: Westend61 - Getty Images

July-inspired baby names:

  • Summer (for obvious reasons)

  • Juliet (inspired by the month of July)

  • Julian (same but for a boy)

  • Seven (July being the seventh month)

  • Leo (one of July's star signs)

  • Ruby (after July's birth stone)

  • Lark (after one of July's birth flowers, larkspurs)

  • Delphine (from delphinium, another name for larkspurs)

  • Lily (after another of July's birth flowers, the water lily)

  • Elio (from the name of the Greek sun god, Helios)

  • Arun (Hindi for 'sun')

  • Suvi (Finnish for summer)

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