'It was the most insane job ever!' Khris Davis gained 50 pounds in a week to play George Foreman

Khris Davis discusses weight gain for Big George Foreman credit:Bang Showbiz
Khris Davis discusses weight gain for Big George Foreman credit:Bang Showbiz

Khris Davis is grateful for his theatrical background because it helped him prepare for the “insane” physicality needed for ‘Big George Foreman.’

The 36-year-old actor has starred in plays like ‘Sweat’ and ‘Death of a Salesman’ but is now playing the role of the legendary boxer and “understood” how to do certain things with his body as it helped him prepare for the “most insane” job he has ever had.

He told ScreenRant: “This is the most insane job I've ever done as it pertains to body changes. Coming from the theatre world, I understand how to do some physical things with the body that can either shrink you or make you appear larger.

“Understanding that kind of physicality [because] I come from theatre... I'm glad I had that background, because then I can go from young to a little bit older. We're talking about [George Foreman at] 17, and then, in another part of the film, he's 45. That's a completely different way of being, so, you know, there was that.”

The ’Judas and the Black Messiah' star went on to add that because his character in the biopic required an increasing weight to depict the boxer’s muscular state and age, he ended up gaining 50 pounds in a single week in what became the most “taxing” role of his career so far.

He said: “[Also, there's] the weight gain and the weight loss. In the first half of the film, I was vacillating between 228 to 242 [pounds] week by week.

“To be younger, [you] shrink yourself, than to be heavyweight champion, [you've] got to bulk up, got to be Big George Foreman in the ring. Then, later on, [I] gained 50 pounds in five weeks. I went from 225 to 275 in five weeks, eating 7,000 calories a day. It was the most physically taxing job I've ever done in my life. “

‘Big George Foreman’ is in cinemas from Friday 28 April.