Every excellent Lady Gaga meme from the Super Bowl

‘Lady Gaga trying to outdo Spongebob’

Possibly the best meme to go viral was the comparison between Lady Gaga and the one and only Spongebob. [Photo: The Funny Teens/ Twitter]

Don’t text your ex…

Relatable AF? We think so. [Photo: The Funny Teens/ Twitter]

Spider-Man the sequel

To be fair, Lady Gaga would make a pretty FIERCE Spider-Man. [Photo:Bosslogic/ Instagram]

Running into old school friends

Quick, where are my sunglasses? [Photo: Betches/ Instagram]

All the single ladies

Open bar? I’m there. [Photo: Katie_barron]

Jumping to conclusions

Lady Gaga, teaching us that we all make mistakes by jumping to conclusions. [Photo: My Therapist Says/Instagram]

Go drunk, you’re home.

We all have that one friend… [Photo: My Therapist Says]

What a Muppet

Who doesn’t love a classic Kermit The Frog reference? [Photo:Dory/ Twitter]

Creepin’ to the fridge

It’s simple, just don’t touch my food. [Photo: Mo_Wad/Instagram]

The epitome of Instagram stalking

Haven’t we all been here? [Photo: Freddy Amazin/Twitter]

007 Gaga

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s a badass Lady Gaga. [Photo: Boss Logic/ Instagram]

Whether you like soccer or not, the Super Bowl is still an event you should tune into. If not for the easy-on-the-eyes men running around the field, then for the impressive half-time entertainment and – subsequently – hilarious memes that follow.

This year it was Lady Gaga’s turn to break the internet, as she quite literally flew into meme status after jumping off the stadium roof.

Even if you didn’t catch her performance, these hilarious memes will most definitely make your Monday.

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