Common reasons couples break up, from lack of sex to disagreements over big decisions

New research has revealed nearly a quarter of couples split while buying a house - but what else causes those in relationships to part ways?

Couple arguing on verge of a split
One in four couples split when buying a home together, a new study has found. (Getty Images)

Nearly a quarter of Brits have split from their partner while looking to buy a home together, new research has found.

Lack of planning has been named the key reason for the split, according to the new study from Zoopla, along with 34% blaming financial secrets that come to light.

One in five (19%) said they need to have bigger conversations about their future before buying a home together, while 23% said their partner became obsessed with money and how much of the house they would own, which ultimately led to the split.

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Even if a couple doesn’t split while buying a home together, the research found that almost half (47%) have fought while looking for a house and 40% have disagreed about finances.

“Buying a home together can mean having tough and ‘big’ conversations with your partner,” life coach Jacqueline Hurst says.

“Two of the many ‘big’ topics are finances and children. The thing is, talking to your partner may feel awkward, but it can actually bring you closer to each other, help you connect, and deepen the relationship. It’s normal to feel a bit of trepidation. My advice is to do it at the right time - over a nice lunch at the weekend, not when you are both tired after work.”

couple arguing with each other
Finances can cause rifts when buying a house together. (Getty Images)

The most common reasons why people break up

While keeping financial secrets and tensions amounting when buying a house together could very well lead to a breakup, there are several other common reasons why people split with their other half.

According to a 2017 study from the University of Utah, the most common reasons to break up with a partner included:

  • Having issues with a partner’s personality

  • Feeling a lack of trust

  • Experiencing partner withdrawal

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Researchers of the same study also found the most common reasons people stay with their partners are emotional intimacy, investment in the relationship and a sense of obligation. Married individuals were more likely to stay due to a sense of obligation, whereas non-married individuals were more likely to stay for emotional reasons and enjoyment in the relationship.

A separate study from 2021, found the most common reasons to break up included:

  • Lack of compatibility

  • No feelings left and bored of the relationship

  • Cheating

  • Long-distance relationship

  • Family did not approve

A further poll released in earlier 2023 looked at ‘icks’ that some people got from more short-term relationships, and found that nearly half (49%) of people have broken up with someone because of an ick.

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Some of these icks included someone smelling bad, being overbearing or rude, having bad teeth, being rude to a waiter, and having dirty fingernails.