This Morning's Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley left stunned by viewer's family story

This Morning's hosts Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard were left shocked after listening to a surprising admission from a fan.

During a regular phone segment with agony aunt Deidre, a caller opened up about the intrusive behaviour of her mother-in-law. On Tuesday, Deidre was joined by a team of family counsellors for an extended session which lasted till 3pm, going beyond the usual cut-off time.

The turning point came when a caller, under the alias "Sarah", revealed something horrifyingly unexpected about her husband's mother's actions involving her five-month-old baby. Sarah described multiple instances in which her mother-in-law crossed the line.

'Sarah' elaborated on how she opted to feed her growing daughter pureed food. "I found out she was giving her pizza," she confessed, leaving hosts Cat and Ben stunned and exchanging looks of disbelief.

Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard couldn't believe what they had heard
The pair didn't know what to make of the viewer's admission -Credit:ITV

She continued by sharing further, "I've asked her not to take her to places and we'll find that she's taken her on a two-hour round trip in the car with her. There's lots of different issues really.", reports the Mirror.

Deidre responded sympathetically, "That is really tricky," adding, "My mind is boggling," while Ben voiced his outrage, exclaiming, "Giving a five-month-old pizza? ! ".

Cat Deeley raised eyebrows on This Morning with her candid quip: "She must be sucking it, I guess? " as she and Deidre Sanders discussed a peculiar parenting dilemma. The moment sparked an immediate reaction from viewers on social media, with fans taking to the platform formerly known as Twitter to express their disbelief.

One viewer exclaimed, "Giving a five-month-old pizza? ! Sorry what #thismorning."

Ben SHephard and Cat Deeley
The pair are often left in giggles - or gobsmacked - on This Morning -Credit:ITV screenshot

Another was equally baffled, tweeting, "Why would you give a five month old pizza! ? #thismorning," while others chimed in with similar sentiments of shock and concern over the idea of such young children eating pizza.

The conversation took a turn when one frustrated parent shared their own experience: "Weirdly this happens. My son was only 7 months old and we found out his nursery had given him pizza, mash and beans. We went f****g apes***t #ThisMorning."

LBC's Nick Ferrari
LBC's Nick Ferrari also appeared on the show on Wednesday -Credit:ITV

In a lighter segment, LBC's Nick Ferrari faced an amusing predicament when a video of him singing at Chris Moyles' party was unexpectedly shown on air.

Despite the initial smooth sailing, Nick was caught off guard when Ben Shephard revealed that he had been spotted belting out 'Simply The Best' in front of a star-studded audience, including Boy George.

Nick could only laugh at the footage before urging Ben to destroy the evidence of his vocal performance.