The morning after pill could soon be droned your way

Alice Sholl
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Women across the UK are still reeling from Boot’s initial refusal to reduce the cost of the morning after pill.

Though the company says it’s now committed to making a less-expensive version of it, Levonorgestrel, available in stores from October for £15.99 instead of the £28.25 alternative.

But if you can’t wait until October, one pharmacy is planning to deliver it via drone.

MedExpress is apparently in talks with The General Pharmaceutical Council to start dispatching the contraceptive pill across the UK.

There are currently lots of hoops to jump through before you can get your hands on it [Photo: Pexels]

It ensures that the medication would be packaged and delivered discreetly, including purchasing details being blanked out on bank accounts and sales records.

Managing director Dwayne D’Souza told Mail Online that regulatory approval might take some time, but that the company hopes to launch the service as soon as it can.

“The rise of artificial intelligence, along with autonomous delivery and other sophisticated technologies, provides ample opportunity for businesses such as MedExpress to trial a range of convenient customer service options,” he said.

The pill’s high cost continues to be controversial [Photo: Pexels]

“We were very pleased with how the trial went. We’re considering making drone delivery part of our future service and are in talks to work out how we can do this.

“We’re confident our customers will love the idea.”

This isn’t the first time that emergency contraceptives have been flown to women struggling to access them.

Last year, abortion rights campaigners flew abortion pills from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland where abortions are illegal unless you fit specific (very limited) criteria.

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