This Morning chef admits accidentally eating cat poo by accident as a child

TV chef Juliet Sear's shared a stomach-churning story on This Morning with hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about accidentally eating cat poo as a child.

Credit: @thismorning Via Twitter

Video transcript


PHILLIP SCHOFIELD: And you've got Maltesers in the middle.

JULIET SEARS: Got Maltesers in the middle of that one. Yes, it's got a sunflower vibe.

PHILLIP SCHOFIELD: Yeah, fan of-- are you a fan of them?

JULIET SEARS: I have got a soft spot for the Maltesers. Yes, I was telling about my story earlier, wasn't I?

HOLLY WILLOUGBY: What? I feel like I've missed out.

PHILLIP SCHOFIELD: Well, I went over and pinched a couple earlier on.


PHILLIP SCHOFIELD: And she told me a story of-- well, you're going to tell it now.

JULIET SEARS: Well, yeah, I will. Yeah, when I was little, my mum wasn't the best at housekeeping. We lived in a bit of a kind of crazy house. And I was doing hide and seek one day with my friend and I was under the bed, and I was really excited cause I found some Maltesers. I was about five or six. But it was actually cat poo I discovered.

HOLLY WILLOUGBY: Oh my god! That is so gross.

JULIET SEARS: Actually, my dad will be watching this now. He's been very unwell. So get well soon, Dad. And thanks for the cat poo.

PHILLIP SCHOFIELD: I hope this helps your recovery.

HOLLY WILLOUGBY: Lovely. I'll try to put that out of my mind when I eat that later. Thank you.