19 Iconic KitKat Flavors You Need To Try In Japan

Japan is one of the biggest food capitals in the world, so it makes sense that they'd have over 300 varieties of KitKats sold in stores across the country.

I know that choosing from 300 different flavors might sound a bit overwhelming, so I've tried my best to narrow it down for you. As someone who has tried dozens of KitKat flavors, here are my recommendations for the 19 you need to try at least once:

1.Otona no Amasa

Image showing two Kit Kat boxes with Japanese text. Black box has a gold Kit Kat logo; beige box has a red Kit Kat logo. Text reads: "Have a break, have a Kit Kat."


Kit Kat Strawberry packaging with an image of strawberries and Kit Kat bars on an "Exotic Snacks" background. Text says "Kit Kat Strawberry"


KitKat Japan Sake flavor package. The red and white box features a bottle-shaped design and images of the sake-flavored KitKat bars


A hand holds a KitKat Gold chocolate bar package in a store. The package text appears to promote the product, possibly with Japanese writing on the packaging

Gold KitKats are a combination of the original milk chocolate and caramel-flavored KitKats. Both flavors are already good on their own, but something truly magical happens when you eat the two of them together.

Jen Adams

5.Strawberry Short Cake

A person holds a package of Nestlé KitKat Strawberry Short Cake flavor in a store aisle, with various products visible on the shelves

6.Chocolate Orange

A hand holds a package of Nestle KitKat chocolate orange mini bars. The package depicts a sliced orange and chocolate-coated orange slices.

7.Cookies & Cream

KitKat Cookies & Cream flavor packaging showing a KitKat wafer with cream and cookie bits, alongside a scoop of cookies and cream ice cream with Oreo cookies


Promotional banner for Exotic Snacks featuring KitKat mini plum flavor, flanked by Daruma and Matcha Tiramisu flavors

9.Apple Pie

Bag of Nestlé Kit Kat with Japanese text, featuring an image of an apple pie slice. The package has a "Halloween Break" label

10.Café Latte

Close-up of Nestlé Kit Kat Café Latte packaging, showing a coffee swirl design

11.Lucky Red & White

A person holds a Japanese Nestlé KitKat package in a convenience store. The packaging features an image of a tea-flavored KitKat and decorative elements

12.Hojicha Tea

KitKat box featuring Japanese tea flavor. The packaging shows images of tea cups, a teapot, and a bowl of tea


A person holding a KitKat box with Japanese text and illustrations of green wasabi roots and a cheese slice

14.Matcha Tiramisu

Advertisement for various matcha-flavored snacks, prominently featuring a Nestlé KitKat with matcha and tiramisu flavors

15.Rum Raisin

A hand holds a package of KitKat with rum raisin flavor. The package shows a KitKat bar, raisins, and a glass of what appears to be rum

16.Whole Wheat Biscuit

Person holding a KitKat wheat biscuit package with Japanese text and a slogan "Have a Good Day" on the top left

17.Milk Tea

A hand holds a package of Nestlé KitKat Milk Tea mini chocolates in a store. The package features an image of a teapot, a cup of tea, and the text "Let's have a tea party!"

Another British-inspired flavor, Milk Tea KitKats are the perfect dessert to bring to your next tea party. The black tea extract and white chocolate really balance each other out, so you get a nice, subtle tea flavor.

Jen Adams

18.Sweet Potato

Nestlé KitKat Halloween-themed packaging featuring mini sweet potato-flavored KitKats and illustrated Halloween characters

19.And finally, Umeshu (Plum Wine)

KitKat Ume Sake flavor packaging, featuring text and images of a sake bottle and ume fruit

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