Hate housework? These £4 mop slippers are the ultimate lazy-clean solution

Amazon mop slippers
Hate cleaning the floors? You need these slippers in your life. (Getty Images)

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Whilst I'm organised and on it most aspects of life, when it comes to housework, I'm more Waynetta Slob than Mrs Hinge.

In the past, I've even been known to put some anti-bacterial wipes under my slippers and slide around the kitchen floor on them to clean it, rather than getting the mop and bucket out. (Disclaimer: I've stopped my wipes habit now as it's they're now known to be so bad for the environment).

I'm obsessed with slippers, especially anything sequined or bejeweled, so when a friend gifted me a pair of strange-looking slippers for Christmas that looked like, well, a pair of Muppets, I was completely taken aback. Until she explained that they were mop slippers.

Yes, you read that right.

And, ironically, these Microfiber Dust Mop Shoes, £4.45 are actually Mrs Hinch approved as she's mentioned them on social media a number of times.

Read on for why they are so damn genius, especially for housework-averse people like me.

How do they work?

You simply wear them on your feet if you want to mop up dust/pet hair. But you put them on over shoes if you want to wet them and use them to clean any stains.

The microfibre material on the slippers picks up dust, fluff and bits on the floor. It's a durable material, but it's soft so won't scratch your floors. And it can be used for everything from your living room to bathroom, kitchen - even your windows or for cleaning your car (but we assume you'd tie them to your hands for that!)

And if you want to go to the effort of getting your actual mop out, the slippers can even be attached to it and used as a mop head, too.

What to expect?

Frankly, you won't even have to bend down to clean anything up. That's a winning result right there.

As I WFH every day and have set myself up on the narrowest part of the dining room table (so I can see the TV at all times), I'm constantly knocking water over and sending my coffee cup flying onto the wooden floor due to lack of space.

Instead of racing to the kitchen in a mad panic for some towels/kitchen roll, I simply just move my slippered feet and mop up the spillage without even having to get out of my chair.

As for cleaning the kitchen floor? I go over it with dry mop slippers first to catch any dust or bits on the floor, and shake out the residue in the bin.

Then I wet the mop slippers with hot water, apply a little detergent, wring them out a little, and put them on over some old trainers, while I dance around the kitchen from corner to corner, giving the floor a clean while listening to a favourite tune. Making the whole experience a bit of silly fun, as well as practical.

Sure, the slippers won't get floors hospital-level-clean, but it's good enough for me (FYI: there are no children in my household so less hardcore spillages).

The slippers are also great for picking up dust on the go, too. With wooden floors throughout my house, I've had a losing battle fighting the dust balls.

Not with my mop slippers though. Because even as I walk from the living room to the kitchen for a cuppa, I move my slippers along the floors and skirting boards to gather the dust as I go about my daily routine.

Top tip: I've purchased five pairs so I've got one for every day of the week (I have weekends off - even mop slippers need rest days). Then I pop them all in the wash on a Saturday morning so they're ready for action the next week.

They really are the ultimate lazy-girl housework buy I've ever found.

Buy it: A Pair of Mop Slippers | £4.45 from Amazon

Amazon mop slippers
Amazon mop slippers

£4.99 at Amazon

If you’re open to spending a little more, you can also purchase a more traditional looking slipper style in numerous designs, including this pair with summer-ready nautical stripes.

"I doubt I’ll ever go back to slippers that do not multitask as mops" wrote one happy shopper – and we'd have to agree.

Buy it: One Pair of Multifunction Stripes Cleaning Slippers | £11.99 (Was £12.99) from Amazon

Amazon mop slippers
Amazon mop slippers

£11.99 £12.99 at Amazon

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