Why you need a pair of mop slippers in your life

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Hate cleaning the floors? You need these slippers in your life. (Getty Images)
Hate cleaning the floors? You need these slippers in your life. (Getty Images)

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Housework: No one enjoys it, but it has to be done.

What if we told you there was one weekly chore that was about to become – dare we say it – fun?

Don't believe us? Keep on scrolling, my friend.  

Since we've all been spending a lot more time at home, you've probably noticed your floors seem to be collecting dust and hair a lot more than usual, especially if you have wood, tile or laminate flooring. 

So if, like us, you're feeling slightly exasperated by the daily drifts of dust and pet hair, we have a solution. 

Enter mop slippers: Shoes that have little microfibre fingers on the bottom, so they can clean the floor while you walk (or dance) around your home. Genius, right?

Hair, dust, dirt, you name it - you can now easily clean it up without having to grab some kitchen roll or get the cumbersome mop out of the cupboard for every clump of dust. 

They're even Mrs Hinch-approved. The cleaning influencer has shared her love of the cleaning tool on her Instagram Stories several times over the years.

Top tip: If you're going for more of a clean than a dust you may want to wear them over shoes, unless you want really soggy feet.

The best part? A pair will only set you back £4.99. Or, you can buy a set of five pairs for £12.99.

What the reviews say:

  • “Have been throwing cloths on the floor and spinning them around with my foot, but having something that actually stays in place is made for the job. Also makes floor cleaning quite fun, you can get others to join in!”

  • “Ideal for dancing round the kitchen, and cleaning the floor :) Will not get the cleanest of cleans but great fun for a quick wash over.”

  • “Exactly what I expected. They do the job I needed them to do. Great value for money.”

Buy it: A Pair of Mop Slippers | £4.99 from Amazon

If you’re open to spending a little more, you can also purchase a more traditional looking slipper style in numerous designs, including a rather cosy-looking statement pink or summer-ready nautical stripes.

"I doubt I’ll ever go back to slippers that do not multitask as mops" wrote one happy shopper – and we'd have to agree. 

Buy it: One Pair of Multifunction Stripes Cleaning Slippers | £10.99 (Was £12.99) from Amazon

Buy it: Xunlong Unisex Slippers Floor Cleaning | £13.99 from Amazon

Whatever style you chose, one thing is for sure - housework just got a whole lot easier. 

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