Why you need a pair of mop slippers in your life

Sabrina Carder
These £3 mop slippers will making cleaning 100% more fun. [Photo: Amazon]
These £3 mop slippers will making cleaning 100% more fun. [Photo: Amazon]

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Tired of cleaning the floors 24/7? Well, there’s now a solution.

Enter mop slippers. Shoes that have little microfiber fingers on the bottom so that they clean the floor while you walk. Genius, right?

Hair, dust, dirt, you name it - you can now easily clean them up without you having to kneel or grab the cumbersome mop from the cupboard.

“I was bought these at Xmas and having laminate floor I found them to be great for that and the kitchen floor” reads one five-star review on Amazon.

Meanwhile, a mum stated that it helped her children get involved with the housework: “My teen will put these on and do floor dusting.”

Buy now: Mop Slippers from Amazon | £3.59

And with Christmas right around the corner, you could even purchase the slippers as a secret santa present.

“Amazing secret santa gift - the recipient was over the moon” wrote another customer.

The best part? A pair will only set you back £3.59.

However, if you’re open to spending a little more, you can get numerous different styles, such as a more traditional looking pair that cost £4.99 and come in grey, pink and tan.

Buy now: Cute Dust Mop Slippers | £4.99

There’s even a pair of dusting sliders for £11.99 for those who really want to invest in the accessory, which may be a smart move.

Earlier this month, luxury brand, Jimmy Choo, started selling a pair of fluffy green £495 shoes that very much resemble a pair of mop slippers. So who knows, they may become a fashion statement in the future.

Whatever style you chose, one thing is for sure - housework just got a whole lot easier.