So, the moon can actually impact your mood btw

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Does the moon actually impact on your mood?m-gucci

Do you ever find yourself feeling a little out of sorts during certain periods throughout the month? Do you struggle to sleep, or find that waking up is way harder than usual? Or, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed but can't quite figure out why? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you might find that the moon could be to blame. No, really. And the idea goes way back.

Take the word 'lunatic', for example (which of course is no longer used in medical circles): it's actually derived from the word 'luna' meaning 'of the moon'.

"The idea that the moon can influence mood is not new, in fact, for years many people believed the moon affects human behaviour," explains Marina Binding, a Holistic Health Practitioner at Switchback Travel. "Despite being dismissed by modern medicine, there are actually studies that show we sleep [less] during [certain phases of the moon]."

She adds that there are also a tonne of theories out there as to why the full moon in particular affects us, from the astrological to the fact that it offers more light. As well as this, we know that the moon – regardless of which stage it's at – affects the tides. "Humans are comprised of about 70% water, so the moon's control over water means that we too, could be affected by the gravitational pulls," says Binding.

And, some of us might be a *bit* more sensitive to it than others, she adds. "Some people will find that the moon affects them more, with factors like your star sign playing a part. Super-sensitive Cancers and Pisces will find themselves more vulnerable," Binding notes. "But, your body can react totally differently to someone else, so the key is to listen to your body and do what feels right."

So, what can you expect from moon moods? Well, there are eight stages of the moon cycle, with the whole cycle typically taking 29.5 days. These are: new moon, waxing crescent, first-quarter moon, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third-quarter moon and waning crescent.

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New Moon

OK, the new moon is a fresh start. Binding suggests that it’s also the ideal time for meditation. "At this point, the sun and moon are on the same side as the earth, so they aren’t opposing each other, nor causing feelings of tension. At this stage of the cycle, you will feel calm yet motivated for the cycle ahead."

Start as you mean to go on...

It’s the perfect time to make decisions, get down to work or learn a new skill.

Waxing Crescent (typically lasts 7 days)

The week leading up to the first quarter moon is perfect for intentions and goals, making it the ideal time to begin work on your plans for the month. Binding explains that you’ll have a positive mindset for the week ahead. "During this week you will be more likely to feel excited and really keen to get stuck in and deliver on your intentions."

Get sh*t done hun...

Now’s a great period to start a new exercise routine or *finally* book that dentist appointment.

First-Quarter Moon

Uh oh. The first-quarter moon is where you might start feeling a bit worse for wear. "The first-quarter moon often means that you will start to feel resistance and frustration. You may even start to feel impatient, especially if you’ve set some goals that haven’t quite come to fruition yet." Binding suggests that the first-quarter moon is the perfect time for a little bit of self-care. So, curl up in bed unapologetically, this is not the week for big decisions.

It's a Netflix and *actual* chill kinda day...

Wrap yourself up in your duvet, perfect that messy bun, and change back into your comfies because it's time for a Bridget Jones marathon.

Waxing Gibbous (typically lasts 5 days)

"After the resistance and frustration of the first quarter, the themes surrounding the waxing gibbous period are those of adjustment, refining and editing," Binding shares. OK, so, this is a good time to rework goals that were maybe a little too ambitious.

Baby steps, people...

Promised you’d cut the caffeine? Perhaps it's time to acknowledge that actually, a latte once in a while might be exactly what you need.

Full Moon

The full moon is a time of BIG emotions. You might find yourself feeling overwhelmed and a bit snappier than usual. The full moon also signals a few sleep changes, so you may find yourself lying awake at night or not sleeping as deeply as usual. And, we all know the impact that a sleepless night has on us...

"This phase tests us, as we have the option of giving in to the feelings of anger and losing focus, or work through them and keep focusing on our goal," says Binding. "Although it is hard to work through frustrations, and it can feel easier to just give up, remember these feelings will pass." So, don’t be too hard on yourself – and feel free to blame it on the moon.

Take a deep breath...

Try and practice breathing techniques to help you stay calm and collected. Mindfulness meditation can help here, too, as it focuses on slowing down racing thoughts, letting go of negativity, and calming both your body and mind.

Waning Gibbous (typically lasts 5 days)

OK. Breathe. We’re in the waning gibbous phase. "After the tension of the full moon, during the waning gibbous you will find yourself begin to loosen up," details Binding. "You may also find yourself beginning to reap the benefits of the work you have made towards achieving your intentions." She also explains that the waning gibbous moon phase can make us feel more open to sharing.

Get connected...

Text your pals, it’s the ideal time for a catch-up.

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Third-Quarter Moon

The third-quarter moon is time to go all Marie Kondo on yourself. "As the moon is gradually decreasing in size, you will want to rid yourself of any grudges or resentful feelings, especially from the harder points of the month. Feelings of cleanliness will be strong here too, as you’ll want to physically and emotionally purge the negativity from your life," says Binding.

The perfect time to...

Tackle your kitchen drawers, a messy bedroom or even just your diary. The third-quarter moon is a good time for a clear out.

Waning Crescent (7 days)

The waning crescent means one thing: early nights. "With the final stretch of this lunar cycle, you will feel exhausted by the past month and want to unwind as the new moon approaches," notes Binding. As you reflect on the cycle, you may feel thoughtful and start to consider what you did well and what you could have done better. "Embrace these feelings, as they will bode you well in the next moon cycle; each cycle is a chance to learn and grow."

We recommend...

This is a time of reflection, so settle in for some serious journaling and remember that there’s a new moon on its way.

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