Monty Don's inventive DIY renovation at breathtaking Herefordshire home revealed

Monty Don standing in a garden, and his summer house

When Monty Don purchased his Tudor home, Longmeadow, in 1991, he and his wife Sarah were confronted with a mammoth task. "It was a ruin – no roof, electricity, running water or sanitation," the presenter told My English Home.

As for the garden, Monty's website recalls a "2-acre abandoned field out the back and a much smaller area in the front covered in builder's rubble," which he's since transformed into an Edenic oasis.

After pouring his heart and soul into the 'Cottage', 'Jewel', 'Paradise' and 'Vegetable' gardens, Monty, 68, turned his attention to a new DIY project in 2021 – and it might just be his most impressive renovation.

Monty Don's summer house
Monty Don's summer house is simply stunning (Instagram)

An established author, while the father-of-three typically writes in his unique office – aka the "upstairs floor of a converted hop kiln" – in the warmer months, he spends his time in the summer house on the mound in his garden.

Monty Don's summer house exterior
He started the transformation by painting the exterior (Instagram)

A project that came to life in October 2021, Monty shared that he'd been working on the space in "dribs and drabs," via Instagram. Opting for a meadow green exterior, Monty started out by painting the pavilion shell, before lining the interiors with recycled tongue and groove boards.

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According to Wood & Beyond, tongue and groove wood flooring is known for its "exceptional durability" and "sleek and continuous aesthetic appeal". While the boards come in a variety of shades, Monty has chosen a whitewashed, rustic shade on the walls, and warm walnut-hued flooring.

 Monty Don's summer house
Next, the star lined the interiors with recycled tongue and groove boards (Instagram)

After getting the bulk of the renovation out of the way, Monty continued to transform the space by adding a number of timeless furnishings, including two Victorian Smokers Bow Chairs, plus a classic oak table for writing, and a side unit for photo frames and mementoes.

When the weather's warm, the Gardeners' World star loves nothing more than to open up the doors of the summer house and invite a wave of plush green shrubbery and blooming flowers into eye view.

Monty Don's summer house, lined with recycled tongue and groove boards
The plush green view from Monty's summer house (Instagram)

The very definition of tranquillity, in September 2022, Monty shared a photo of his seasonal workspace, alongside a particularly poignant caption. "The summer house on the Mound - where I go to work with a clean mind, away from screens of any kind," he explained.

Monty Don's desk in his summer house
The presenter and author uses the finished room as a workspace in the warmer months (Instagram)

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Monty Don's accessories in his summer house
Monty has added minimalist, wooden furnishings (Instagram)

With windows on each wall and plenty of light flooding in, it's hardly surprising that Monty treasures it. By framing different views of the garden, the summer house feels connected to nature – which is said to reduce stress, nurture creativity and increase productivity – while providing a quiet haven to work in.