Monty Don has shared his secret for making the very best compost at home

  composite image of Monty Don and a person pouring compost into a wheel barrow to support a savvy Monty Don compost tip.
composite image of Monty Don and a person pouring compost into a wheel barrow to support a savvy Monty Don compost tip.

If you're a keen gardener who's looking to reduce your household waste, then starting your own compost heap could be the sustainable solution you've been looking for. 

Whilst garden trends may come and go, keeping your lifestyle as sustainable as possible will never go out of style, especially when it comes to sustainable garden ideas. Being able to make the most out of what you've got in your outdoor space is not only beneficial for the planet but also for your nearby wildlife.

This is why we were all ears when Monty Don shared his compost-making advice earlier this month and divulged his secret to achieving a successful nutrient-rich heap.

Monty Don's secret to making nutrient-rich compost

Writing in his monthly blog post, Monty stresses the importance of good quality compost in the garden. He says, "Compost is the alchemy of a garden, turning waste into black gold and we should compost every scrap of garden and kitchen waste."

From using eggshells in your garden compost to the different benefits coffee grounds provide in your garden's soil, your food waste is a major source of nutrients for your plants.

Now you know just how important compost is to the successful growth of your plant life, what's Monty's secret to achieving a rather impressive heap?

"The secret of making it reasonably quickly is to have a good mix of matter high in nitrogen (green) like grass clippings and drier material (brown) that is high in carbon and then to aerate it often by turning it," he explains. So it's time to rethink leaving grass clippings on your lawn and start using banana peels in the garden.

Whilst you may be tempted to leave your compost heap to its own devices, as you would with weeds if you're into the rewilding trend, intervening now and then can make a huge difference.

Monty says it doesn't need to be a major operation, but simply forking through your decomposing compost will help you out a lot.

He continues, "The point is to get oxygen into the heap which in turn feeds the bacteria that eat the decomposing material and convert it into compost which will then enrich your soil with essential bacteria, fungi and nutrients better than any product known to man."

picture of food scraps in compost bin
picture of food scraps in compost bin

Once you have this nutrient-dense compost, you can use it not only in your garden but also as a way to care for your indoor plants. Many houseplants will benefit greatly from the nitrogen and oxygen found in homemade compost, you'll see it promote new growth in your indoor leafy friends.

Even if you're a beginner looking for easy gardening tips, starting your compost heap is one of the simplest tasks which reap the highest rewards. It's low maintenance and can work even for those needing small garden tips as you can choose a compost bin to suit the space you've got.

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Once you've got your compost heap ready, and of course given it a good forking, why not take more of Monty's seasonal advice? Whether that's his foolproof tomato growing tips or Monty's tough love approach for spring plants, you can't go wrong with words from the Don!