Monty Don says this is the only thing you should be planting in March

 Composite of hydrangeas, picture of Monty Don and a rose bush to support an article based on Monty Don's March planting advice.
Composite of hydrangeas, picture of Monty Don and a rose bush to support an article based on Monty Don's March planting advice.

Wondering what you should be planting this month now spring has sprung? Luckily for us, Monty Don has once again shared his expertise and revealed the one plant that needs planting this month. 

Trying to stay on top of the garden trends and what plants to prune in March can be difficult when you're a gardener with limited time. This is why we make it a priority to keep up with Monty Don's monthly blog to see what tasks need to be done as the seasons come and go – that's where we unearthed Monty Don's March lawn care tip.

As the warm spring weather starts to take over the cold of winter, we can head into our gardens and start planting and preparing them for the summer months. However, according to the gardening expert March is the perfect month to plant your woody shrubs.

Writing for his March blog post, Monty said, "Although March is often too early to plant out tender young seedlings it is a very good time to plant woody shrubs so that the roots can start to grow before the demands of new foliage become too stressful and this is especially true of any bare-root plants."

- picture of rose bush in garden
- picture of rose bush in garden

If you're looking to add some of the best shrubs for long-lasting loveliness to your garden then now is the time, whether that's a hydrangea shrub or your blossoming rose bush.

Monty also offered further advice, "Because these are plants that will hopefully remain in the garden for years to come it is worth taking some trouble with their planting."

"Make sure that every scrap of perennial weeds is removed and dig a wide but shallow hole about 9 inches deep. Loosen the subsoil but do not add any compost or soil improver," he suggested.

Investing time into long-term woody shrubs for your garden is a great sustainable garden idea and starting earlier in the year is the only time to ensure impressive results.

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Monty even went on to speak about his mycorrhizae, saying he likes to dust over the roots of the plant to help establish them.  He then says he plants it, "slightly proud of the soil level but firming the roots well to form a slight cone." Once this is done Monty recommends generous watering before mulching the plant thickly with good-quality compost.

As with Monty's bulb lasagne method last month, we will be taking this advice and heading into our gardens as soon as we can.