Mom’s viral rap about periods should be shown in every health class

Emily Vondy viral video about periods

“This is the most I’ve ever learned about periods in my entire life—I feel so informed now,” said my husband after I made him watch this hilarious viral video over at @thevondyfam featuring a period rap about…well, periods. And honestly? I’ve never heard it explained so well and so entertainingly, so I know the information will stick. For all of us.

Emily’s video, with the caption, “For all my cycle sisters…” has been “loved” 78.1K times, and generated thousands of comments, many of which stating that Emily’s video needs to be shown in health classes.

“I am a health teacher and this is going to be used in my classroom,” one viewer commented, to which Emily responded she “would be so honored.”

Another mom said her daughter just got her first period and she was sending the video to her ASAP. This video definitely makes the talk about our “monthly gift” much easier and lighthearted, yeah?

“My period is poppin’ yeah, she’s ready to clean house. Sweeping up my endometrium, it’s gotta bounce, bye,” Emily begins her video. I won’t spoil the entire video (you must watch for yourself) but some of the best verses include sticking with her period “from red to brown,” saying her period’s “got style, better drip than Gucci,” and “You might be laying eggs but you’re far from chicken, this is Shark Week, bleeding is the mission,” to name a few.

She also channels Ludacris’ guest appearance in Usher’s hit Yeah with the same beat, rapping, “Take that, rewind it back, period’s got the flow that make your booty go…” and Emily claps.

All of Emily’s videos about being a woman and parenting are hilarious, like her viral “Nap Trap Rap” video and the spoof on when stomach bug season hits the house. She’s very popular, as one commenter shared, “We’ve synced… that’s how much I watch your videos.” And women around the globe know what that means.

This video inadvertently changed many women’s perspectives about periods. One woman shared, “Having trouble getting pregnant and when I get my period it can be devastating. This is honestly going to change my perspective … fresh slate!”

Perhaps this period rap will go on to be shown in health classes everywhere, or maybe Emily will really make it big and this video will be featured as a commercial for period products during the Super Bowl,, as one fan pointed out. Whatever happens with this video, I’m just glad she shared it with the world.