Mom shares the emotional moment her ‘prayers were answered’

A mom shared the emotional moment she found out she was pregnant after years of struggling.

TikToker @kate08w could hardly get a word out. She was so overwhelmed with the prospect of possibility and joy that tears were rolling down her face. After years of disappointing pregnancy tests, one had finally given her some hope.

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“I just took a pregnancy test, and it is — oh my gosh — it’s not quite that 2 to 3-minute wait. But damn, I already see a line,” she explained tearfully.

She had been trying to conceive for two years. She had taken many tests. But never did a single test give her the news she wanted.

“It’s been 2 minutes, and there’s a freaking second line. It’s faint, but it’s there. I’ve never had a second line,” she said, catching her breath through the tears.

The mom revealed that she was pregnant with a baby boy, the video captions read, “God’s timing was perfect, and I’m so thankful for our baby boy” and “The day I found out my prayers were answered.”

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TikTokers shared their support for the excited mom-to-be.

“Why am I SCREAMING SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! So so happy for you! Your relief and excitement is so contagious,” someone commented.

“I’m sooo happy for you!! I felt every sentence!! I prayed for 7 years before I became pregnant!! God Bless you and your family!” another replied.

“I remember when I tested positive with my oldest. My husband and I fell to the floor holding each other while we both cried just like you are in this,” a TikToker replied.

“Praying for you to have a safe and wonderful pregnancy,” a person wrote.

“Tears of happiness. 10 years and two miscarriages. Then was blessed with a son and daughter 5 years apart,” a user added.

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