Mom shares a day in the life of living in a women’s shelter as a student

This mom shared what a typical day in her life as a working full-time parent and college student living at a women’s shelter looks like, and viewers are in awe of her hard work, focus, and openness.

As a working parent and college student, TikToker Lala (@rockefeller.o) barely has a moment to slow down. Recently, the mom has been documenting her journey caring for her daughter, going to school, and working while living at a women’s shelter, and viewers are beyond inspired by her dedication, perseverance, and willingness to share her story.

The first clip in the series opens with Lala taking a mirror selfie with her adorable daughter in the bathroom at the shelter.

Lala begins her day by waking up at 4:30 a.m. before heading to the bathroom to wash up and get herself and her daughter ready. At 7:35 a.m., Lala drops off her pigtail-sporting toddler at daycare, and then it’s time to hit the books for a 3-hour lab.

Having already finished her homework for the week, Lala takes a well-deserved lunch break and watches some anime. After lunch, it’s time for her 12 p.m. lecture, followed by another 3-hour lab.

Lab gets out early at 3 p.m., and Lala chats with one of her lab partners as they head to their cars. At 3:20 p.m., she picks her daughter up from daycare for a 3:35 p.m. hang at a playground, which had to be cut short due to a diaper blowout.

They make it back to their room at the shelter at 5:04 p.m. in time for a 5:40 p.m. dinner of cheeseburgers, chips, pineapple chunks, and apple slices.

After a 6:18 p.m. shower, where Lala mentions in the on-screen text that adjusting to hearing other people go in and out of the bathroom has been a challenge, the mother-daughter duo conclude the evening with their bedtime routines, some snacks, and an episode of Bluey. Then, it’s lights out at 8:10 p.m. before it’s time to do the whole thing again.

Viewers took to the comments to express their admiration for Lala and send her words of encouragement.

“You are working HARD! And, if no one has told you in a while, I’m so proud of you. Hard work will always pay off,” one supportive user said.

“Wow. You truly never know what people are going through. Kudos to you, girl, it will all pay off in due time,” mentioned one TikToker.

“Nothing but the GREATEST amount of respect for parents in college. Y’all work so hard, and I’m amazed,” one viewer marveled.

After thanking viewers for their support in an update video, Lala broke the good news that she and her daughter were approved for a housing program, and by the end of the month, they’ll be living in their new home.

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