Mom gives fiery response to school’s sexism after her daughter receives a dress code violation

Mom goes off about school dress code

It’s pretty hard to believe that in 2024, we’re still policing girls’ bodies rather than boys’ behavior. But here we go again: On TikTok, a mom is going viral for her rant after her daughter was sent home from school for a dress code violation because the school said she was “distracting to the boys” in an outfit that looks perfectly normal.

Mom Shasty Leah describes her daughter’s outfit in the video: a brown, scoop-necked T-shirt and a pair of black Halara jeggings. Sorry, what about that violates a dress code?

“Two hours before school gets out, she’s being sent home for school violations because her outfit is distracting to the boys. This is not an attempt to ban sex. It’s 2024, and we’re still teaching the boys that girls are their sexual play toys,” she says in the video.

She adds, “‘If you dress like that, you’re setting yourself up to be raped,'” mimicking the school’s justification for sending her home. Seriously?

Leah continues, “We’re not teaching the boys: You don’t have a right to put your hands on any girl. You don’t have a right to call her anything outside her God-given name, and you don’t have a right to think that she is your sexual object. We’re not teaching the boys that. No. If dress code violations were really a thing, and we were really concerned about that, cheerleading uniforms would not be as such. The volleyball uniforms would not just be practically underwear. You hear me? So y’all have to save that sh*t for somebody else, because I’m not going to be the one.”

Go off, mama. She finishes her A+ rant by stating that in her house, she teaches her girls that they can fight back if a man sexualizes or, God forbid, touches them.

“It is 2024. If your son speaks to my daughter in a sexual manner, she has permission to punch him in his mouth,” she says. “If he ever touches her, she has permission to put his junk up in his throat. She does, and I will celebrate with her. And if mom and daddy have a problem with that, look me up. Come on over. We can have tea together. Spicy tea. It’s 2024. We’ve got to do better as a society.”

Oh, and in case anyone thinks she doesn’t get adolescent boys: “I have four boys ages 29 to 15. They were taught the same thing: Don’t sexualize women. They were taught the same thing, and you would think while the moms and daddies out there teaching their kids to play football and baseball and basketball, fish, hunt, all the fun things, maybe you could teach in gaming … maybe teach them how not to be little s**ts. Be men.”

In a follow-up video, Leah actually shows the outfit her daughter was wearing. It’s exactly as she described it and not inappropriate in any way. Is someone sending these videos to her district’s school board? Here’s hoping.