Mom is convinced her floors are spotless, then a professional cleaner reveals the filthy truth: ‘This can’t be real’

A professional cleaner’s shocking footage is going viral, forcing parents everywhere to question just how clean their own floors really are.

Deep-cleaning expert and TikToker Tera (@Tera.Nelli) gained nearly 15 million views and 6,000 comments when she posted this video to her account.

And, like this eye-opening TikTok that proves your toilet seat might not be as clean as you think, Tera’s video is inspiring people around the world to reexamine their cleaning methods — even seasoned parents who have been cleaning for years!

As Tera explains in the video, her client said that Tera didn’t need to mop her floors because she “uses a Swiffer daily.”

“She also said you could eat off her floors,” Tera added in on-screen text.

But based on the thick brown muck that Tera begins to pour from the bucket into the toilet, it seems the floors aren’t quite as clean as the client might think.

“This is my message to you! Mop weekly!” Tera’s caption reads.

The shocking footage proves that while we might think we’re deep-cleaning our homes, there could still be an unseen layer of yuckiness lurking on the surface.

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‘Okay so apparently I need to buy a mop…’

Thousands of TikTokers rushed to the comment section of Tera’s video to express their horror.

“I legit thought this was coffee for a minute,” one shocked user wrote.

“Okay so apparently I need to buy a mop,” another user commented.

“This can’t be real…” one shocked user wrote in disbelief.

Other TikTokers agreed with Tera that mopping is the only thing that can get the job done.

“Yeah I’m starting to think Swiffer don’t work because I can mop today & walk with white socks on, 3 hours later and the socks will be black,” one user shared.

“A Swiffer doesn’t mop your floors, I just use mine to clean up a spill or something. But I mop regularly,” another user wrote.

But some TikTokers felt neither Swiffers nor mops were enough.

“Use a floor cleaning machine and see what both Swiffer and mops leave behind,” wrote one user.

When it comes to cleaning your home, especially with little ones running around, it’s important to always keep cleaning products safely out of reach. It’s also vital to examine the ingredients in your preferred cleaning products to ensure they’re the healthiest option to use around your home.

If you’re unsure if your cleaning products are safe, be sure to consult your pediatrician.

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